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Archive Available: Racing Extinction #StartWith1Thing

Archive Available: Racing Extinction #StartWith1Thing

Take your students on an inspirational journey from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo to explore the science behind anthropogenic mass extinction and meet those dedicating their lives to saving species and transforming communities along the way. From whale sharks to golden lion tamarins to scarlet macaws, your classroom will get an insider’s view of cutting-edge conservation


Lively Lesson: Frontloading for Racing Extinction

Join us live from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on November 18 at 1 PM ET for the Racing Extinction Virtual Field Trip to learn why most biologists believe one-half of Earth’s higher life forms will be extinct by 2100, why it’s important to address this loss of biodiversity, and what can be done to prevent


Remembering Heroes in November

This November, we honor heroes past and present, including veterans and members of the military, heroes serving social and environmental justice, heroes from fiction, and heroes making a difference in their local communities. All month, we will highlight resources and instructional ideas for students to explore different themes around heroes, as well as opportunities to


Lively Lessons: Red Ribbon Week

Working on your weekly lesson plans? This Lively Lesson provides timely Discovery Education content and lesson plan ideas. In honor of Red Ribbon Week, we’ll be celebrating the furriest members of the police force that help keep our communities a safe place to learn, play, and live. Join Discovery Education for an exclusive Red Ribbon


Lively Lessons: Kilimanjaro Expedition

Working on your weekly lesson plans? This Lively Lesson provides timely Discovery Education content and lesson plan ideas. All week we’ve been following 10 students, 12 educators, and 4 scientists representing Nigeria, Oman, South Africa, Tanzania, and the United States as they attempted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the world’s Seven Summits, and the


Lively Lessons: Digital Citizenship

Working on your weekly lesson plans? This Lively Lesson will provide Discovery Education content and lesson plan ideas. In our month-long celebration of the Constitution and citizenship, we’re extending the discussion to include digital citizenship with a webinar featuring Dr. Devorah Heitner, founder and CEO of Raising Digital Natives. Dr. Heitner’s Discovery Education online event,


Bonus Lively Lesson: Constitution Day

Working on your weekly lesson plans? This bonus Lively Lesson will provide you Discovery Education content and lesson plan ideas. Celebrate Constitution Day by exploring the history, purpose, and legacy of the Constitution of the United States, and get ready for our Virtual Field Trip from the National Constitution Center on September 17. Discovery Education


Students in Space – Where Would You Live?

By Emily Sigman In celebration of Space Day, we’re featuring student work from Mineola Middle School in Mineola, NY. Mr. Vince Interrante’s fifth grade students worked in collaborative teams to explore the solar system with the goal of finding a location that may be able to sustain life and be colonized in the future. 


“Ain’t I a Woman?” Resources and Instructional Ideas for Celebrating Historic Women

In 1851, a former slave became a luminary of the women’s rights movement. Sojourner Truth, born Isabella Baumfree, delivered an impassioned speech later titled “Ain’t I a Woman?” that questioned society’s out-of-kilter view and treatment of women. In her day, there was no Women’s History Month, but instead a tireless, year-round fight against injustice. As