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  1. It's a Wrap! Campfire Chat

    Several educators gathered around the DEN in SL campfire to just chat and share tonight. We even roasted virtual marshmellos!  There were questions about copyright, discussions about how to handle keeping the computers clean from germs. Of course there was some venting on budget cuts, not enough time, how to help teachers take risks. We […]

  2. It's a Wrap! – "Sharks after Dark"!

    A great time was had at the “Sharks after Dark” event co-hosted by DEN in SL and PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors in Second Life. First everyone learned how to use their gear.  Groups of six were sent on automated, guided, informational shark dives. There was time to explore the expanded sim after […]

  3. Sharks after Dark! Register now!

    Don’t miss out out on this fantastic adventure to help celebrate Discovery Shark Week!  It will be held on Saturday, Aug 8th from 8 AM SLT – 10 AM SLT. This past Wednesday we gathered by the sandbox to check out our dive gear. Those who register now, will need to inform us if they […]

  4. It's a Wrap! Pack Your Curiosity and GO!

    The photos were amazing, and the stories were told with passion. Last night Augustus Godenot ( Ken Shelton RL) with the help of ROW Drumbeat ( Carol Anne Mcguire RL ) shared their adventure made possible by Discovery Student Adventure. Check out the student blogs about Australia to learn more about the hands on learning […]

  5. It's a Wrap!

    Tonight the DEN in SL hosted a Newbie Session led by Beth Kohnke.  We had a small group and were able to address individual needs. We learned how to open boxes, use gestures & animations, find events in SL and use voice.  We had a great time and we hope the new members of our […]

  6. NECC Prep Sessions a Big Hit!

    Over the past week we’ve held several informal discussions to share ideas for those attending NECC for the first time. JessieMarie Flanagan held one last Sunday at 2 DP, and last night we held a joint discussion on Capitol Hill with NECC Program Chair, Anita McAnear ( RL), Ilse Markova ( SL). There is one […]

  7. It's a Wrap! Shark Trivia!

    The competition was tough, some of the questions were very difficult, but fun was had by all. Lots of lindens were given away for correct answers about sharks.  Vita was the big winner answering some scientific questions as well as ones about sharks in movies and television shows.  It was a great end to Shark […]

  8. It's a Wrap! Streaming with SMARTboards!

        Tonight over 30 people were dazzled by presenter Lyndsay Rhiano (SL), Lynn Reedy (RL), an Exemplar SMARTboard trainer,  as she shared ways to integrate DE streaming with the SMARTboard to engage student learning.  After a just in time tutorial on how to set preferences to view video in SL,  we watched a video […]

  9. It's a Wrap – Newbie 101 July 16, 2008

    The DEN is SL welcomed more than 17 educators to Second life on Wed at our Newbie 101 session.  Lead by JessieMarie Flannagan these new avatars were lead through the basics of communicating and navigation in SL.  We explored the menus, how to set preferences, very basic organization tips for Inventory and helped them join […]