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Teaching is an absolute adventure! I love that Discovery Education continues to inspire true authentic learning. I am excited to be part of such an incredible team!

  1. Time to Discover

    Today, I was reminded about the importance of giving students time to discover. I posted three questions on the board: How might water displacement help us find the density of a rock? What is the difference between weight, mass, and density? How could you use metrics in the answers to the above questions? I allowed […]

  2. Digital Learning Celebration in Star, Idaho

    Kim Miller and Marita Diffenbaugh were able to share in a special celebration for the Digital Learning Day awards that they earned with their students, today! Second, third, and fifth graders shared with Carol Scholtz, from the State Dept of Education for Idaho, all about the tools that they find most valuable. One the top […]

  3. DEN Fall VirtCon LIVE in Star, Idaho – October 20th

    DEN Fall VirtCon LIVE October 20th, 7AM-­?2PM MST Star Elementary – Star, Idaho To register for this Fall VirtCon LIVE Face 2 Face event, visit: Join thousands of educators online and Face2Face as the DEN team goes house to house to house to explore the many digital treats available today. During this unique professional […]