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I am technology integration specialist who loves to learn.
Always ready to help, so don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions about Discovery resources, tech in general or anything Maryland!

  1. "The Global Achievement Gap" – discussed

      Virtual worlds, virtual field trips, machinima, teen grid, Quest Atlantis…. just to name a few of the topics discussed at the SL DEN campfire last night, Nov 4th.  We talked about the book by Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap. We agreed that the 7 skills in the book are essential. The hour flew […]

  2. Book Discussion

    The book discussion in SL TONIGHT! November 4th and next week on the 11th. We are reading Tony Wagner’s book, “The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Don’t Teach the New Survival Skills Our Children Need—And What We Can do About It”  Scott McLeod mentioned this book in the summer leadership webinar hosted […]

  3. Virtual Conference -Oct 24

    The MD and VA LCs are joining forces at the virtual conference on Oct 24th.  Sessions will run all day at 1DP in Silver Spring and 2DP in Second Life. Register NOW!  Worried about joining us in Second Life?  Even though my hair keeps flying off, I find SL to be the best PD on […]

  4. ….and we are off!

    New faces, new schedules, new challenges, the beginning of a new year sometimes seems overwhelming.  Relax, Discovery has our back.  There are lots of great webinars on the calendar and another great Streamathon is planned for Wednesday Sept 23rd. I (Telos String) will be hosting a book discussion 2DP in SL on October 7th.   Join me […]

  5. Shark Week

    Just in time for Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK, PADI (Professional Association for Dive Instructors) re-opened its Second Life Islands today. There are 4 active sims complete with 4 wrecks, a surf beach, dance floor and of course, lots of sharks.   The DEN has a special event for STARS only next Saturday, in-world, but be sure […]

  6. MD LC Meets in SL

    Well, we held our first meeting in-world tonight. We were delighted to have Matt (Geekybird) Monjan join us.  Plans are in the works for our first MD DEN event, probably in early September.  Location TBA, but you won’t want to miss it.   Let’s just say bocce will be included in the activities!  capisce? We are […]

  7. New LC Member Intro

    Hi, I’m Telos String in SL and Mary Del Bianco in RL.  For what seems like forever, I have been an artist and an art teacher. This year I have given up my art teacher job to devote my time to technology. I will work with 6 – 8th graders twice a week in our […]

  8. Maryland Leadership Council

    WOW! MD has finally assembled a dynamic LC! We are looking forward to blogging about all of the great learning adventures happenin’ in our awesome state! Set up your RSS feed now so you don’t miss a single event. We are hoping to have our first adventure in August, so stay tuned and stay connected! […]