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Mike Bryant is the Director of Instructional Implementation for Discovery Education. He’s worked with districts around the country on professional development and technology initiatives, helping districts increase student achievement by utilizing the best instructional strategies. Prior to working for Discovery, Mike was a Science Teacher in Florida, heading up 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

  1. The Tower of London: Remembrance Assembly

    Yesterday, 800,000+ teachers and students from around the world joined our virtual field trip to The Tower of London to commemorate the centenary of the First World War . Events like this is one of the many virtual and in-person events held each year that are designed to connect students and teachers with real world experiences as well as each other. […]

  2. Teacher Appreciation Week Crosses the Pond

    This year Discovery Education brought Teacher Appreciation Week to the United Kingdom.  James Massey and Mike Bryant, from Discovery Education, hit the motorway completing a whirlwind tour of England hand delivering invitations to the DEN Summer Institute.   Today, we surprised teachers at Green Dragon Primary School in Brentford, London with breakfast.   “Thank you […]

  3. Techbook Live 2013


    We are incredibly excited to announce TECHBOOK LIVE 2013. Saturday, January 26th: 9am – 2pm ET Techbook Live Flyer Click Here to Join the Virtual Event on January 26th Techbook LIVE focuses on providing participants with some of the most effective strategies for transforming their classes through the meaningful and effective integration of digital media content. […]

  4. Techbook Times

    These are the Techbook times. So to help connect you with everything Techbook, we provide a monthly newsletter called, “Techbook Times”. Take a look at the September issue below.

  5. Easily Assign our Interactive Text

    If you’re just now settling into the new school year and logging into Discovery Education for the first time since the end of last school year, you may have noticed a few changes, especially in the Discovery Education Science Techbook.  One of the many great benefits of a digital textbook, is that it’s constantly being […]

  6. DEN SCIcon 2012


    DEN SCIcon focuses on providing participants with some of the most effective strategies for transforming their science classes through the meaningful and effective integration of digital media content. Join thousands of educators from around the world for an amazing day of professional development sessions, networking and sharing. Register for the online sessions at: or […]

  7. Sharing is Fun

    It’s great to share. Sharing is at the core of the Discovery Educator Network. Sharing best practices. Sharing resources. Sharing ideas. You get the idea. So here’s a quick way to share resources you find with in the service.

  8. “The Lab Report” is Here

    Welcome back to school!  This is such an exciting time for educators and students as you embark together on using the Discovery Education Science Techbook in your classrooms. We’re here to support you along this amazing journey. Our monthly Lab Report will provide you with quick updates, instructional strategies, best practices and professional development opportunities […]

  9. Mike Bryant

    Hey everybody. My name is Mike Bryant and I’m thrilled to have joined the Instructional Implementation side of the Discovery Educator Network.  Like Brad Fountain, who introduced himself yesterday, I am the other Director of Instructional Implementation for the Discovery Education Science Techbook.  I’ve been with Discovery Education for almost 6 years and am based […]

  10. The Gravity of the Situation

    Background Information: The mythical story of an apple dropping on Newton’s head is simply one way to describe gravity.  Dropping a large textbook and a feather is a way to illustrated it, but what if you really want to define it.  Turns out, it’s not so easy. Explaining Einstein’s general theory of relativity to an […]

  11. Pure Michigan

    Event Registration Online for Beyond the Textbook: A REMC 6 Day of Discovery You’re invited to join us as we journey, “Beyond the Textbook” at an enriching and intensive professional development experience.  REMC 6 and Discovery Education are excited to provide this Day of Discovery at no charge to area educators. Deep exploration of the […]

  12. Shedd Aquarium Teacher Field Experiences

      The Shedd Aquarium and Discovery Education brought a “Day of Discovery” to the Chicago area, inspiring educators and administrators with engaging content and programs.  Now, take a deeper dive with the Shedd Aquarium as your guide. Teacher Field ExperiencesJoin Shedd Aquarium this summer to learn science by doing science in the field!  Shedd takes […]

  13. We Missed You at METC Webinar

    . Hello from METC.  We know not everyone is able to attend the conference this year so we’ve scheduled a free post-METC wrap-up webinar.   Join us as we discuss the highlights of METC 2010 with some of the presenters from this year’s conference. Please go here and click on the “We Missed You at […]

  14. Shedd Aquarium Day of Discovery

    Diving into action, 112 educators across four states attended the Shedd Aquarium Day of Discovery in the heart of Chicago.  In partnership with the John G. Shedd Aquarium, Discovery Education hosted an all day professional development event free for area educators.  The day offered two strands, the integration of digital media for classroom educators and […]

  15. Albertville Takes the Cake!

       A sweet two days in Albertville, AL.  Albertville City Schools was kind enough to host an afternoon workshop and the Stream-A-Thon.  Educators from the region joined DEN Leadership Council member Carolyn Rains and I for back-to-back days of professional development and networking.   Attendees were given an overview of the all new Back-to-School features […]

  16. Lessons on the Fly

    My son had an accident this weekend, resulting in a bloody “Thumb Toe”.  The injured body part is more commonly referred to as your “Big Toe”. Like any good 5 year old, he cried a lot, proclaimed that, “it’ll never stop bleeding” and “it’ll never get better”.  5 minutes later, “Can we go to the […]

  17. Summer School is Here!!

    Who ever said summer school isn’t fun?  Get ready for your school year with an amazing series of complimentary professional development sessions from the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). All of the sessions for the DEN Summer School Webinar Series begin at 11 AM ET. Register today at : DEN Summer Webinars –

  18. Twitter Updates for 2009-03-18

    Presenting with @glo at MACUL this afternoon. Elementary Web 2.0 – Currently walking through toondoo. # @ppalmer21 Courtyard Silver Spring, Fly into DCA, easy metro trip to Silver Spring stop (faster and cheaper than cab). I’m there too. # @johnfaig Oh man thanks for sharing I’ve struggled for a couple of weeks trying to […]