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Mike Bryant is the Director of Instructional Implementation for Discovery Education. He’s worked with districts around the country on professional development and technology initiatives, helping districts increase student achievement by utilizing the best instructional strategies. Prior to working for Discovery, Mike was a Science Teacher in Florida, heading up 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

  1. Web2.0 RoadMap

    This week I’m in Orlando, FL on vacation. So why am I writing a work blog? Simply found a very cool site that I had to share. Web2.0 Web2.0 Web2.0 It’s what everyone’s been talking about for several years now, but how do I find web2.0 site? This site, Go2Web20, has a ton of web2.0 […]

  2. DuPage County Day of Discovery

    Discovery Education and the DuPage Regional Office of Education are pleased to announce a “Day of Discovery” professional development event open to all educators in DuPage County. Please join us for an engaging, technology-infused, professional development day focused on creative ways to use digital media in the classroom. Learn techniques to inspire your students and […]

  3. Minneapolis Day of Discovery

    Spent today with a group of educators from Minneapolis – St. Paul area. We flew through the “DE streaming Tour“, touched on the “50 Ways to Use Discovery Education streaming” and spent far to little time on our power-point projects. We did, however, cover “Step-by-Step Become a DEN STAR Educator“, what I hope you will […]

  4. The Moveable Feast: Week Summary

    I posted Thursday evening, giving a very brief snapshot of the “Moveable Feast” taking place in Bloomington, IL. Here’s a little more information right from their website. A Moveable feast is a one-week summer institute organized by the Office of Educational Technology at the University of Illinois. This project-based technology institute is tailored to meet […]

  5. Moveable Feast: Bloomington, IL

    I spent a great day with about 70 educators from districts in the Bloomington-Normal, IL area. This was day 4 in a week long, intensive professional development series known as “The Moveable Feast“. These week long events take place over the weeks of June 9, June 16, July 7 & July 14. Approximately 280 educators […]

  6. Minneapolis Day of Discovery

    Hello Minneapolis and St. Paul!I’d like to invite you to join Discovery Education for an engaging, technology-infused, professional development day focused on creative ways to use digital media in the classroom. Learn techniques to inspire your students and maximize the resources from Discovery Education streaming.  Leave with projects in-hand for your class and a network […]

  7. Data Visualized

    Chris Ryan in our office brought this site to my attention. Thanks Chris. The internet is full of data. Maybe it’s in the form of a report, a spreadsheet, an online database, … this just keeps going. In-house, we use dabbledb to help capture, organize and report data. It rocks and if you’re looking for […]

  8. Animoto Sample

    Ever take pictures at a school event, maybe students presenting? Ever wish you could use those pictures, paired with images from Discovery Education streaming and set them to music in an education video? Of course you have. It’s simple when you have access to Animoto, Discovery Education streaming and the Discovery Educator Network. Below is […]

  9. Green Festival Winner: Kankakee

    What a great Saturday!  The sun was out and spring has actually arrived in Chicago.   I met up with an awesome group from Kankakee, IL and we toured the exhibit floor, grabbed some lunch and hung out with a few stars.  I put together a couple quick videos of the day.  Check them out below(I know […]

  10. Cedar Rapids Day of Discovery

        Back from an amazing two days in Cedar Rapids, IA. A huge thank you to Ann Nicholson and Jerry Cochrane for allowing Discovery Education come in and for hosting the event. We had 40 educators attend three workshops; the first one starting at 8:30 AM and the last ending at 7:00 PM. Educators […]

  11. Michigan REMC 2 South – DE streaming & cheesecake

    Today, about 15 educators from districts in REMC 2 South joined me for a webinar.  The topic of this webinar, Discovery Education streaming.  Why the cheesecake? Let me explain… No let me sum up.  We, the Discovery Educator Network(DEN), have a bit of a contest going on, Spring Training.  Be the state that adds the most STAR […]

  12. Midwest Batting Practice

    The Midwest is 4th in the race for the Spring Training Pennant.  We’ve got a great schedule ahead, with several large events, but as my coach always said, “practice makes perfect”.   To kick it up a notch, I’ve schedule some “Batting Practice” webinars.  Here’s what you do: Pick a Tuesday afternoon practice from the below […]

  13. Kankakee’s King Middle to Visit Discovery

       DEN STAR Educator Tracy Selock and 20 5th graders from King Middle School in Kankakee School District 111 will visit our Evanston, IL office on Friday, May 9.  Mrs. Selock’s class will present their digital stories and web2.0 projects to Discovery Education employees.  Following their presentations and lunch, the troop will head into downtown Chicago to […]

  14. Hamilton Lunch & Learn

    I head over to Hamilton, MI on May 7 to join DEN STAR Andy Losik and over a hundred other future DEN STAR educators for a full day of professional development.  Hamilton Community Schools will be hosting the event, with Discovery Education sponsoring a “Lunch & Learn” session.   I’ll be presenting an overview of the DEN, with […]

  15. World Feel a Little Green Today?

    Did you wake up a little greener today? Maybe? Today we celebrate Earth Day. People across the globe will refrain from flicking that cigarette butt out there car window on to the highway. The buses and trains will be a little more crowded than usual. You’ll bring your own organic cotton bags to the grocery […]

  16. Macomb ISD “Advanced DE streaming” Webinar

     A huge thank you to all that participated in the webinar this afternoon.  Great group with great questions and I look forward to working with them as Discovery Educator Network STAR members, as they are all logging on now and registering.  (here’s the link in-case you’ve misplaced it)    I have to give a shout out to […]

  17. Back Home and Back to the Basics

    Sitting here at Logan International Airport in Boston awaiting my flight back to Chicago. Able to check off another on my list of things to do, attend a National NSTA Conference. I couldn’t have picked a better year to go. This year’s conference was held in Boston. I met a ton of great teacher scientists. […]