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Where’s DENSI? It’s here.

The guessing game continues, but now you get two clues a day. Keep up the work, we’ll announce soon. Beach towels and flip flops are required as we’ll spend evenings listening to the aqua waters crash into the sandy shore.   Turbulent waters gave rise to America’s Top Young Scientist Hannah Herbst’s project that derives energy from such


Where’s DENSI? It’s Here.

Lots of great guesses coming in. Dean’s hint about the location having a vowel in it nearly gave it away.  If you need a little more help, you’re in luck.  It’s time for hint number two. State of raising bridges, where the reverse is the norm. Raising bridges sounds good, but what about designing them or

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Inspire a Better Future: Beginning of a Movement

 Inspire a Better Future Recently the USC Shoah Foundation announced its 2016 IWitness Video Challenge open to secondary school students in the United States and Canada who attend public, private or home schools.  This year, partnerships with Ford Motor Company, which will provide more than $10,000 in prizing to be awarded to teachers and schools