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Lance’s “How Sweet It Is” in Hershey

Lance’s “How Sweet It Is” in Hershey

At the recent DEN pre-conference in Hershey, Lance Rougeux presented “How Sweet It Is” where he shared just a sampling of the awesome FREE resources available to educators on the Discovery Education site. If you are like me and jumping onto DE Streaming eager to log in…WAIT! STEP AWAY FROM THE LOG IN…at least until

Welcome, Cynthia Brown!

The Mid-Atlantic region has had to weather a lot of snow and ice lately, but a ray of sunshine comes in the person of Cynthia Brown, who stepped into the position of the region’s DEN account manager in December. In her role she supports Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and Washington,

Dear DEN…

Dear Discovery Educator Network, Recently I had my annual get-together with some close friends from college, most of whom are teachers. One of them is not only teaching her regular courses but is also an adjunct at her local community college. She bemoaned the fact that she had been asked to share her many resources

We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing

Recently I attended a Classroom2.0 Live session where Barbara Bray was the featured guest. Barbara, a learning strategist from California, spoke on the topic of “Joy in Learning” (session recording here)and the importance of play in the learning process. In her post Full Steam Ahead: The Power of Play, she says: Schools in the US

It's a Wrap! Max Kleene Concert

There was a great turn out for the Max Kleene concert on September 22 at the DEN in SL ! This Canadian with the awesome voice performed live from Niagara Falls, Canada, for not only teachers in attendance but several of his loyal followers who never want to miss a performance. What was especially terrific

First Reaction to: Reaction Grid

This past week, several members of the Second Life LC ventured into the virtual world known as Reaction Grid. We met up with Jokay Wollongong (Jo Kay in RL) who guided us around and answered questions while we got our bearings. She also took us to her own spot on the RG called jokaydia.We decided

SL'ip#2 An Introduction to Viewer 2

Time for another Second Life Tip and this time we take a general look at Viewer 2 in preparation for our upcoming orientation session on June 16 at the DEN.If you are fairly new to SL (maybe you decided to jump in after the “getting started” post) you have already installed Viewer 2. For some of you

SL Tips: Getting Started

You may have noticed our location in the list of state blogs is south of Pennsylvania and north of South Carolina. In reality, we are located in “virtual” reality (second star to the right and straight on till morning) but as near as your own back yard. Some of you have visited this land already,