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Gentle Reminder: Newbie Session

Gentle Reminder: Newbie Session

Do you wonder how you can keep your avatar from slumping over mid-conversation (not polite) or use your camera tool to view what’s on the second floor without going actually going up there? Do you know how close someone needs to be to hear “chat” conversation? Or when to “whisper” or “shout”? Do you want

Looking Ahead

Because of the Discovery Streamathon the DEN in Second Life is taking a break from weekly workshops tonight.  But don’t go far, because the next few weeks are jam packed with a variety of events:  Sept. 30 – Get up to speed on Student Access to Discovery Education services with Smellslike Magic (RL Mike Bryant)

It's a Wrap – "Discover the Undiscovered"

Technology is great, when it works. And when it doesn’t… flexibility and teamwork are key. Last night’s presentation by Geekybird Fanbridge (Matt Monjan, RL) in the 2 DP auditorium showed that where there’s a will, there’s a way. He delivered “Discover the Undiscovered” via the voice of Amadeo Writer (Joe Brennan RL) without missing a

It's a Wrap – Informal Chat Session

Wednesday evening, August 12, an informal chat session was held at DEN in SL (2DP) for newbie questions, or DEN related questions, or anything anyone wanted to share. Six educators stopped by to discuss a variety of topics from how to create a sign in SL to technology integration practices and frustrations to revamping technology

LC – Vita Demina

Hi all! Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself as one of the newest members of the Second Life Leadership Council, and tell you I am excited to be part of such a great group. Some of you have already met me in SL as Vita Demina. I first became a “resident” of SL