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  1. DEN Techformation: Ask 3


    A teacher is working with a small group and doesn’t want to be interrupted with every small question, so they set the policy “Ask 3 before me.” This simple phrase was the inspiration for TechSmith’s app Ask3. While there are other strong educational screencasting/interactive whiteboard apps like Explain Everything and Show Me, there are a […]

  2. The Desktop is Your Friend….


    …So Treat it a little Better. As a follow up to DENvice member Tracy Carpenter’s post on finding the perfect desktop wallpaper, I would like to continue the geeky conversation on the treatment of your desktop. The desktop is the first thing you see light up your screen after the initial boot up. It is […]

  3. DENvice: Love to Help Others


    Three DEN Summer Institutes and countless regional events later, my love of the DEN hasn’t faltered. There seems to be a commonality among the DEN: a passion to help others. Multiple Stars are true experts and yet are friendly, ready to start a conversation. Now there is something new to continue conversations between the face-to-face […]

  4. The DEN Makes You Special

    It is a fact that there are some DEN Stars that are Gleeks. While the love for the show might come from the music or storyline, we feel the that same connection. If you have ever been at an in-person DEN event, you understand this quote from the first season. I realized in 2008 that […]

  5. It is Summer! Now what?

    Well we were lucky this year! For educators in Maryland, the school year actually ended on time due to the mild winter. Once you get a little extra sleep and completely chill for a couple of days, it might be time to start thinking about how to make the most of the few weeks in […]

  6. The DEN shines at Common Ground ’12


    Common Ground 2012 is now just hours away! In the morning, the Baltimore Convention center will be buzzing with educators dedicated to learning and improving the classroom. Discovery and Maryland Stars always shine at this event, but this year is even better. Here are sessions you don’t want to miss! Hall Davidson will be giving […]

  7. Lucky State


    We are pretty lucky to be living in Maryland. As they say in real estate it is all about, “location, location, location.” The geography of the state itself is fantastic with the mountains, the ocean, and of course the bay. Being in the mid-Atlantic makes it convenient to take all sorts of day trips up and down the […]

  8. Have you registered for Common Ground?

    There has been some changes since the days of the MICCA conference. We all had to get used to it changing to MSET, as the focus became more instruction and less hardware. Now the next big leap is from the MSET conference to Common Ground 2012. While MSET is leading the way for the conference, […]

  9. Tech and Treats this Saturday

    Why stay at home in your PJs when you can come out to share in the learning with the Maryland Leadership Council? It is always better to learn together, to ask questions, and share ideas. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Come in costume to compete in the contest, but it is not a requirement. […]

  10. Relax, it will be okay!

    For many of us, the start of the school year in Maryland has been a challenging one. Days have already been missed due to natural disasters: earthquake and hurricane Irene. Then are all of those other challenges that face educators in our state: increased class sizes, limited budget funds, testing, and more. Finally let us […]

  11. Join in the Maryland Geocaching Day!

    If you are a newbie to Geocaching like me, then the DEN’s Geocaching Day is a perfect event to have fun and learn with others. Never heard of Geocaching? Here is a little intro video…. Fred Delventhal is leading the Maryland Geocaching Day with a fantastic theme! Here is more information from Fred’s blog: […]

  12. Learning, Sharing, and Having a Good Time

    We had a blast at Walker Mill Middle School for our Spring Virtual Conference Live Event. The talking never stopped, but thank goodness Carmella Doty, a MD LC member, did an outstanding job collecting all of the links. 1.       Back channel links and resources from the Virtual Conference from Porter Palmer 2.       Tim Childers posting […]

  13. MD LC Roadtrip to Hershey, PA

    The Maryland DEN LC received a warm invite by our new regional manager Cynthia Brown to attend and present at the PETE&C DEN pre-conference event. A number of us took  a learning vacation to Hershey. We definitely had a blast and created a glog of our highlights. If you missed this event don’t worry, there […]

  14. Take a Learning Vacation

    I had this idea the other day as I was taking a Southwest Airlines survey. In this survey they wanted to know the number of business and pleasure trips. Believe or not this was a difficult question because I had used Southwest to go to Denver and San Jose in the past year. This was […]

  15. Be Bold in the New School Year!

    For many of us in Maryland, the school year has begun. Like many of you out there reading this blog, I love being an educator! No matter how old I get, I love new school supplies because it is the mark of a new year. While there is always a ton to do to prepare […]

  16. Ode to the DEN

    I saw in my Twitter feed that now you can create your own Google Search Stories, so I thought I would give it a try. I have to say it was easy and a lot of fun.

  17. DEN National Institute: Apply Now!

    Every year the DEN sponsors a national institute in different locations where Discovery STAR educators can share and learn together. From personal experience, I can say this is a wonderful experience that every educator should take part in at least once. I went in 2008 and I thought I learned more there than in San […]

  18. Grow your local PLN

    PLN, or Personal Learning Network, is such a valuable asset for any teacher. I know I depend on mine for new ideas, tools to utilize in the classroom, and for support in my new adventures. It has taken me a couple of years to grow a solid PLN and I love that it continues to […]

  19. Change Agent Field Guide

    EduCon took place this weekend in Philly. While I didn’t catch as much as last year, I have been impressed with the Tweets. I have been wanting to attend this event, because it more than the tools. It is about the big ideas that will move school into the 21st century.  I consider myself a […]

  20. Be a Rock Star at MSET!

    Steve Dembo in the past has written about becoming a rock star whether it is your own blog or presenting at conferences. I actually heard talk about at the DEN’s National Institute a couple years ago and the whole topic interested me. Not so much the rock star part, but the idea of sharing what you know […]

  21. Take the 365 Challenge

    If you hang around Twitter, Plurk, or Facebook there seems to be a bigger resolution than shedding holiday pounds and that is to capture 2010 in 365 photos. Many have set up blogs to upload pictures and add commentary. There are many tweets that share daily pics and even more about that worry about being […]

  22. Welcome 2010 with a Bang!

    There is a something magical about a new year. It is a clean slate, a fresh start, and a year of new adventures ahead.  It is a time to plan out a year where you can be the best you possible. Whether it is with resolutions, goals, or even analogies, it’s good to have a focus. If […]