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  1. The Season to Share

    The MD LC hopes everyone had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving! As this break comes to a close and the holiday begins, I pose a new challenge to the readers of this blog: Share your knowledge about technology integration with a colleague. What you may have been doing for the past three years might be […]

  2. Powering Up With Technology '09

    Here are the top ten reasons to come to the Powering Up with Technology conference at Dr. Wise High School in Upper Marlboro: Meet Matt Monjan and learn how to utilize DE Streaming! Who would mind winning a new computer? Make new connections in your PLN Aaron Smith, the Art Guy, is presenting Art 2.0 at 1:45 […]

  3. DEN Fall Virtual Conference '09

    While it may have been a gray day in Maryland, it was a perfect day for a virtual conference and meeting up at 1 DP. I think this was the biggest conference for the DEN with 300+ participants. If you missed it, don’t worry because all of the sessions were archived.Thanks goes to:   Our […]

  4. DE Streaming and Glogster

    One of my favorite Web 2.0 tools is Glogster! The simplest explanation of Glogster is a site where the user can create an online multimedia poster. Not only can you add text, but sound and movies including DE Streaming clips. If you are using it in the classroom, I recommend you use the Edu version […]

  5. DEN Challenge: Try something new!

    If there is an organization that does a lot for educators, it would be the DEN. As much as I go around and encourage others to join the group, I even forget all of the opportunities there are for teachers. If you have just joined or haven’t visited in awhile I challenge you to try […]

  6. The Power of Video

    As many teachers across the country, I wanted to take time out of the normal schedule to remember the events of September 11th eight years ago. Many of you realized,like I did, that lesson I presented today looked different than it did just a few years ago. For me that event occurred during my first […]