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I have been a high school teacher of mathematics for the past 17 years. I have taught every subject and every level in math and computer science that my district offers. I am a Nationally Board Certified teacher. I have a masters degree in Educational Technology. I still feel I have a lot to learn. The Discovery Education community is always teaching me something new and challenging me to grow as a educator. I am a life long learner and encourage my students to be as well.

  1. DEN Techformation – Leveraging A MOOC


    What is a MOOC? (see video below) It is a Massive Open Online Course.  Most times it is completely free.  Carnegie Mellon offers “No instructors, no credits, no charge.” Forty public universities will offer free online courses with full credit starting spring 2013.   Why would a school do that well in an effort to entice potential students […]

  2. Project based learning in math

    Confident Professor at Blackboard

     I just finished reading a post in Education Weekly that was given to me by my principle Chuck Malone . He asked us to comment on it with respect to our content area using google+ and I thought I would re-post it here. “Pick compelling subjects: help students frame big but specific questions;” (Deeper Project Based Learning, Tom […]

  3. DEN Techformation: SimpleK12


    So the summer has finally come and your looking for something to do on those rainy days ( like the next few on the east coast), how about puttin on some slippers in your PJs and taking a look at  They are a website dedicated to professional development for teachers through the use of […]

  4. DEN Techformation:Mindjet


    Post by Jessica Donaldson Collaborating on large projects can be difficult. Tracking conversations for follow-up, sharing resources, and assigning deadlines are critical components of a collaborative project, but ensuring everyone is communicating and getting consistent information isn’t an easy task…until now. Mindjet [] was created with true collaboration in mind. Whether you are writing curriculum […]

  5. Say Not in Grief: When a student leaves us.


    It is with a sad heart that I write this post. Last night a brave and strong student died from a long battle with illness.  Robert was one of the strongest people I have ever met.  Over his two year battle he never once said I can’t do that with respect to anything.  Robert continued […]

  6. DEN Techformation:Haiku Deck by Jessica Donaldson


    A post by Jessica Donaldson: Creating a simple, but beautiful story just got easier for the iPad. Haiku Deck [], an app by Giant Thinkwell, allows users to choose from a library of stunning images that are licensed under Creative Commons. However, like its 5-7-5 syllable Japanese poem namesake suggests, the “beautiful” part of Haiku […]

  7. Stars on Stage: episode #2


    Posted for:Jessica Donaldson Where can you find STARs on Stage in April? So glad you asked!   We have three sessions in three states with three different DEN STARs, so prepare yourself for a standing ovation. Please support our STARs who are presenting in Florida, South Dakota, and Arkansas next month!   4/6/13  –  Florida Association […]

  8. Stars on Stage: episode #1


    The Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) is holding their Detroit conference March 20 – 22. Are you attending MACUL? You won’t want to miss these DEN STAR sessions: 3/20 Eric Strommer – Discovery Education: How not to drown. 3/21 Andy Losik – Advanced iMovie Techniques for All Grade Levels 3/21 Dave Tchozewski […]

  9. Your Digital Portfolio


    I know I have asked my students in the past to do a portfolio for various courses.  I think it is valuable for them to have a physical representation of their body of work.  I got to thinking (dangerous business) when I was filling out the DEN Guru application that I did not have a […]

  10. The next digital generation


    Moore’s law is the observation that over the history of computing hardware, the number of components on integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. The period often quoted as “18 months” is due to Intel executive David House, who predicted that period for a doubling in chip performance (being a combination of the effect of […]

  11. PETE&C a debrief


    My PETE&C day started at 4:30 Am.  The goal was to get to Hershey before 7 am so I could take part in the Pete-Lets.  This was held each morning for presenters to get 2 min to sell their sessions.  They were only allowing the first 20 presenters who showed up to present.  I hit […]

  12. The DEN shows the Love


    I find the DEN to be the best professional network I belong to.  If you’re not a member it is important to know that this is a network of people.  I had a real wow moment yesterday at PETE&C that emphasized this point.  I had just finished lunch with my friend and co presenter Drew Giorgi.   […]