Posts By Tracie Belt

  1. Earth Day Cometh

    Earth Day is upon us, and this year it is easier than ever to find great activities to involve your students with treasuring and preserving our planet. Here are a few to share with teachers in your school. The grocery bag project: This project is a simple one, but will help students raise awareness about […]

  2. Resolve to share Science ideas

    This new year, show your DEN spirit and lets help each other with new and innovative ways to use technology in the science classroom. You know as well as I do that DEN members always are on the cutting edge, so let’s help each other make this the year of science tech projects. Write a […]

  3. Scientific method with a twist

    The scientific method is a topic that many science teachers review at the beginning of the year. However, it can be hard to find new and exciting ways to teach it to students year after year. Personally, I find that students come to me still unsure of many steps even though they have conducted experiments […]

  4. The End is near! Projects that will keep your students from counting the days!

    The school year is growing very short. Unfortunately, our student’s attention spans also seem to be growing shorter. This is when using projects that involve creativity and some of the great ideas off the web can revitalize your student’s interest in learning. Projects can also help you enjoy teaching the last few weeks of school. […]

  5. Let the Students Teach

    Do you or your students have a case of the winter blahs?If so, try spicing up your approach to the science curriculum, by having your students teach the chapter instead of you. One of the cardinal rules of teaching is: “He or she who does the work learns the most.” Take advantage of this old […]

  6. Eureka! I think I found something that works!

    Teaching abstract concepts in science is often challenging. One concept that my life science students have difficulty with is osmosis. Osmosis is hard to conceptualize, and many students do not seem to understand the concept even after the standard lab experience. Consequently, I began trying to think of how I could approach this concept differently. […]

  7. Science in Action Connects Students

    Wow!  The first two months of school were stressful for me this year.  How about you?  I was so busy that I thought when am I ever going to have time to start using Science Connection with my students? However, I took the plunge and I am glad that I stopped procrastinating, and set up […]