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Greetings! My name is Zulma Whiteford and I have been a teacher for the past 15 years. I am currently a Technology, Spanish and Health teacher and STEM Chair at St. Louis School in Clarksville. I am also a member of the Discovery Education Network (DEN) Leadership Council and the Maryland Society for Educational Technology (MSET) Executive Board.

I grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico where I attended Academia del Perpetuo Socorro and came to the states for College.
I graduated from the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in History. Recently, I earned a graduate certificate in Technology Leadership from Goucher College and just completed my master’s in School Administration at Loyola University.

  1. MacGyver Mindset Comes to DENvice

    While we probably can’t tell you how to build a spaceship out of a rubber band, a pencil and chewing gum, we can offer you simple, clever tips for your classroom. Our new weekly Star Tip feature will share quick and easy solutions for everyday classroom needs, including everything from building a tripod out of […]

  2. Globalizing your Classroom

    We live in an increasingly interconnected world where learning opportunities around the globe are available directly to our local classroom. Modern technology enables us to transcend political borders and foreign languages in order to explore, communicate and collaborate. Join us this week on DENvice where Arkansas DEN Star and participant in the recent program Auschwitz […]

  3. Happy Birthday DENvice!

    Two years ago, a Maryland DEN Star approached two others and proposed a project: to crowdsource answers to educational questions, along the lines of a community “Dear Abby” advice column. She thought that the collective brainpower of our DEN members would result in a powerful resource from which everyone could benefit. This modest proposal gave […]

  4. LEGO Bricks-Creative Fun for all Ages

    From an early age, LEGO bricks provide a foundation for creative building and engineering skills. Children of all ages enjoy the many different possibilities that LEGO brings. As a brand new 8th Grade homeroom teacher, I wanted to bring the option of LEGO bricks to my student’s unstructured time, but space became a limitation with […]

  5. STEM Fun on DENvice!

    STEM education encourages curiosity, exploration, discovery, higher-level thinking, logical reasoning, collaboration and problem solving, both inside and outside the classroom. This week on DENvice join Idaho LC Member and DEN Star, Second Grade teacher, Digital Integration Coach and STEM Superstar Kim Miller. Kim will guide us through a STEM-filled week with resources, ideas and discussions […]

  6. Assessing your students

    The school year is now well under way and soon it will be time for teachers to begin assessing how well students are learning. Are you looking for resources on how to create fantastic formative and super summative assessments? Join South Carolina DEN Guru Karen Ogen on DENvice this week as she shares her expertise […]

  7. Getting to Know Your Students

    At the beginning of each school year, teachers walk into classrooms full of new students. How do you get to know them? How do you elicit their interests, experiences, and learning needs? Join the always fabulous Virginia DEN Star and Assistant Principal Heather Hurley as she shares resources, tips and exercises on ways to get […]

  8. GAFE on DENvice!

    Google has transformed the way we use the Internet and has become a leading developer of innovative software applications. Have you or your school explored Google Apps For Education (GAFE)? Are you wondering how to integrate GAFE in the classroom? How does GAFE work and what does it look like? Can it really benefit my […]

  9. Why teach code?

    Teaching code to elementary, middle and high school students can be a key component in sparking curiosity and problem-solving skills, potentially leading to career choices in science and engineering that will help address the challenges facing our planet. Join me this week on DENvice as we share resources, ideas, projects and tips to use in […]

  10. Ready for Back to School?

      Are Back to School commercials getting you down? Does the month of August feel like Sunday every day? Some of us may already be back in school and many are just starting to deal with the reality that our summer vacation is quickly coming to an end. Never fear, help is on the way! […]

  11. Top 10 Things I Learned at DENSI 2014

    We often live our lives by habit, performing daily routines on autopilot without much thought or reflection. It is easy to live the way we have always lived, to teach the way we have always taught, and to learn the way we have always learned. I am so grateful for opportunities like DENSI because they […]

  12. Great Summer Reads on DENvice

    The countdown for summer has officially begun! Have you started working on your summer reading list? How about some help from your PLN? This week on DENvice join Idaho DEN Star Marita Diffenbaugh as she helps us find some great summer reads. Tell a friend and join us on DENvice.    

  13. Finding Hidden Treasure

    Geocaching is a real-life treasure hunt where you develop clues and use Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates to stash and locate hidden caches. Discovery Education celebrates DEN Geocaching Day every spring by helping to organize and support activities in our community. This year’s DEN Geocaching Day will take place on Saturday, May 17th. This week […]

  14. Tell Me a Story – Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Telling & Sharing Stories on DENvice

    Storytelling has a long history from those stories around the campfire to parents reading to their children at bedtime. Stories entertain us, teach us lessons and allow us to view the world from another point of view. This week on DENvice join CA DEN Star DENnis Grice as he facilitates the conversation on the topic […]

  15. Building the Future iMake iLearn

    Teaching code to elementary and middle school students can be a key component in sparking curiosity and problem-solving skills, potentially leading to career choices in science and engineering that will help address the challenges facing our planet. The first time I really considered teaching code to my students was during a DENSI (Discovery Education Network […]

  16. The DEN Princess on DENvice!

    As educators, we often find ourselves working in isolation within our classroom walls. We experience day-to-day challenges and victories but may find it difficult to explain and share them with others. Joining a Professional Learning Community (PLN) may be the outlet you need to share, learn, recharge and collaborate. Becoming an active member of the […]

  17. Encouraging Student Creativity Using Scratch

      Today’s interconnected technological world is built on computer software. What are some things you can do to help your students gain a basic understanding of the underlying software that drives our modern world? Introducing your students to Scratch will provide your students with hands-on opportunities to think creatively, solve problems and work collaboratively.  Scratch […]