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  1. Live from Mission Control… Mars calling!

    Darcy White, Alison Oswald-Keene, Justin Karkow and I (Diana Laufenberg) were just treated to an amazing event at Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, CA. About two hours ago we were on site watching as the information reported in on the Phoenix Mars Lander landing. Just a few minutes ago, mission control and the scientists at […]

  2. Batter UP!

    The latest DEN event couldn’t be more relevant to the great state of Arizona, home to Spring Training!  Let’s get those email addy books out, fire off some IM’ s and blog away to grow our AZ DEN!!!  Here is how it all works… DEN Spring Training is back! This year the DEN coaches are […]

  3. Reaching for the Stars Technology Conference

    Connect with educators from across the state during this unique professional development experience.  The Reaching for the Stars Technology Conference is an event that provides educators a unique opportunity to experience hands-on, quality professional development.   We will kick-off the event on Friday with a gallery walk displaying student work and a keynote address from […]

  4. Virtually Conferencing in Snowflake!

    So…. it’s Saturday and here we all sit, in Snowflake, AZ.  Through the efforts of Vicki Schmidt and Brian Weir, we are treated to the comfort of a lovely lab in Snowflake High School and access to a wealth of great information from the DEN.  There are about 20 of us watching and learning.  At the […]

  5. AzTEA Upcoming Event

      On January 26th, Dr. Tim Tyson will be a part of the second AzTEA conference of the season in Tucson at the 16th Annual Teaching and Technology conference.  The theme of the day will focus on Students in a Global Village.     Tim Tyson will be presenting sessions titled From Classroom Knowledge to Global Contribution, […]

  6. AZ Tax Credit Time Again!

    It is that time of year again when our pocketbooks are empty, exhausted from another holiday season!  If there is still a penny or two around, I would highly suggest digging deep to particpate in the Arizona Tax Credit Program.  There is almost no way to ever direct your tax dollars to a specific program […]

  7. Just in time for the holidays

      The season of giving is upon us and this is a limited and unique opportunity for starting your holiday shopping a little early.  One Laptop Per Child is offering the chance to buy one of the new XO laptops that are being distributed worlwide.  The program is called “Give One, Get One” where you can donate […]

  8. LIVE from Sedona with AFI and DEN

    I hope all of you are enjoying a lovely weekend in Arizona.  I know that we are having a blast here in Sedona with Joe Brennan and a bevy of enthusiastic DEN members.  For a photo recap please visit our pix of the day.  Here is a taste of the fun!         

  9. AzTEA will be holding three regional conferences again this year in Arizona. Peak Performance Conference in Flagstaff on November 3rd Teaching and Technology in Tucson on January 26th Way out West in Glendale at ASU-West on May 3rd The keynote for all three conferences is Dr. Tim Tyson.  Dr. Tyson will be speaking and presenting on a range […]

  10. The stars at night are big and bright…

    Will you be heading to the LoneStar state for the National Middle Schools Association Conference on November 8th, 9th and 10th?  If so, there will be a STAR DEN event spearheaded by Tim Childers of the TN DEN.  They are still hammering out all the details, but if you are attending the conference and are interested […]

  11. Freedom Walk

    An estimated 21,400 Arizona residents serve full time in the military, 5,400 serve as reservists, and 7,200 are enlisted in the National Guard, totaling 34,000 Arizonans in military service. As the anniversary of September 11th approaches, please keep in mind the sacrifices that military families make throughout the Grand Canyon State. On Sept. 11, please […]

  12. Back to School Tip!

    It’s back to school time all around Arizona and back to school means excited kids, enthusiastic teachers, nervous parents and the return to the school filters. For those of you out there that are continually finding videos on blocked sites like YouTube and TeacherTube, there is a fast and easy way to bring the information […]

  13. News from NECC

    Yeah, yeah, I know – blogging should be done in the moment…but there were so many moments at the NECC conference in Atlanta, it was too overwhelming to do in between the volunteering for ISTE/DEN, the sessions, exhibits, ISTE playground displays, and oh yeah, the parties…whew! And did I mention my first “national” presentation at […]

  14. In all your free time…

    Well, the temps around our fine state have been heating up as of late and one would imagine that leaves many opportunities for inside activities!  If you are looking for some diverse, engaging and interesting opportunities for professional development all from the comfort of your own home, look no further.  Discovery Education has announced the […]

  15. More fun from Tech Camp

    Day 3, Wednesday, continued… More suggestions from Tony Vincent for blogs/podcasts, etc to check out… CU Online: Educational Technology News and Resources Learning Now blog from PBS TeacherSource 2 Cents Worth Educational Technology Blog by David Warlick not educational but good for teachers (anyone) bargains online Ben’s Bargain Blog Tony discussed podcasts, RSS feeds, etc…how […]

  16. K12 Tech Camp – Midweek report

    Day 3 had us starting our project creations, using iMovie/iPhoto and all the effects and transitions that can be used…and intro to the programs for most of us. Tony Vincent’s site is keeping track of all the keynotes he gives us~ and on Tuesday he spoke about podcasts and showed uo what’s out there…including […]

  17. A Little Summer Reading…

    Darcy White, Arizona STAR DE, has been busy writing this spring.  Here is a taste of the introduction to her article published in the Cable in the Classroom Magazine: Today’s audiovisual learners choose interactive, technology-based stimuli on a daily basis.  As a result, teachers need to come up with unique ideas to keep students engaged […]