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  1. Fourth of July – On This Day!

    For holidays such as the Fourth of July, it is a great time to explore the On This Day Calendar feature. Once,  logged into Discovery Education you’ll see the On This Day feature located directly under My DE.  This unique feature highlights an event that took place on that particular day.  To access the full […]

  2. Meet our new guy: Johnny H.

    Hey all, my name is Johnny Hwong and I am the newest member of the DE Level I Tech Support Team. It’s been less than three weeks into my stay here at Discovery, so I’m still a doe-eyed, newly minted college grad getting used to waking up before noon and not wearing my Pink Floyd […]

  3. Preview our new features for 2011!

    We are constantly working to improve your Discovery Education experience, which means updating current content, as well as updating the look, feel and functionality of the site! Our changes for the upcoming year have not gone live (yet!), but please feel free to preview the new features for Back-to-School 2011. How do you preview these […]

  4. Science Techbook Model Lesson Presentation

    Last week, the Support team was invited to a demonstration of how to use the Discovery Education Science Techbook in an active classroom environment, presented by Patti Duncan. The class began with a few assessment questions about the topic for the day, “Sound, Pitch and Volume”.  All of us “students” were surprisingly silent, but once […]

  5. Upcoming Webinar Series

    Please register for a few of our upcoming webinars! Discovery Education STREAMING: What’s New, What’s Ahead and Discovery Education Streaming 101 Webinar are just two of the great webinars being offered currently. Discovery Education STREAMING: What’s New, What’s Ahead will cover what is coming up for Discovery Education.  This webinar series will highlight upcoming, compelling […]

  6. The Rest of the Team!

    The DE Support team wouldn’t be complete without our last group of members. Now it’s your turn — feel free to leave us a fun fact about yourself!! Melissa DeJesus Melissa came to Discovery during the Clearvue acquisition to work her magical customer service skills.  When not at work she enjoys hanging out with her […]

  7. New content related to Current Events!

    In this month alone, two new and relevant resources have been added to Discovery Education! Just in case you missed the events earlier this month, the DEN team has added the resources to Discovery Education, so you will be able to use them in your classroom and engage your students with what is going on […]


    This year some of the Support Team and a few members from our amazing Renewals team are participating in the Global Corporate Challenge.  Over the next few months we’ll each be logging our activities and steps (with the help of our pedometers* provided to all participants) each day.  Once our activities are logged, we can track how […]

  9. Meet the Level 1 team!

    As newbies to the DEN Blog we wanted to take the time to introduce ourselves and hope that you will do the same and let us know something about you! Starting with the Level One team: Level One is the front line for your phone calls and emails; we also help support sales in keeping […]

  10. Welcome to Cache and Cookies!

    Welcome to *Cache and Cookies, the Discovery Education Support Team’s blog! The DE Support Team is the group of individuals that answers your phone calls and emails (yes, that is a real person you are talking to) when you reach out to Discovery Education with a question or comment.  We are here to answer any […]