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  1. Geekybird sighting at The Bird House

    Take a look at this blog maintained by Matt Monjan.   If you’re ever looking for DE info previously posted,  ideas for integrating DE in the classroom, or differentiating instruction, you’ll find it here ( power points, videos, lists, suggestions).  Matt is also a big fan of Digital Storytelling, which is greatly enhanced with DE […]

  2. Getting YouTube to your students

    Hi Everyone, If you are like me and work in a school system that blocks YouTube ( for good reason) I have a way you can download the video and then import it into your Notebook file or PowerPoint presentation.  Here’s how: Go to YouTube and find the video you want. (be sure it’s appropriate […]

  3. Hi from Jackie

    Hi Everyone, My name is Jackie Shanti.  I’m the newest member of the “blog team”. Just a little bit about myself;  I’m the Library Media Specialist and Learning Technologies Leader at a small urban school in Milwaukee.  In a previous life I taught special ed. and first grade. You may have seen announcements in the DEN […]