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  1. MACUL Day 1 Wrap Up

    Day one was a great day for all attendees at the MACUL 2011 conference.  The opening keynote this morning was Rushton Hurley (@rushtonh).  He spoke about the changes that technology have brought to the classroom, but how the fundamental elements of education haven’t changed. Following Rushton, the DEN Stars in attendance broke up to the […]

  2. Make a Snow Flake

    In the spirit of this wonderful winter weather that many of us are experiencing, I thought I would share a resource from Michigan DEN LC chair, Cheryl Lykowski. Make-a-flake is an interactive website that allows children to create their own virtual snow flake.  It is based on the age old paper folding activity that has […]

  3. TEDTalks for Teachers

    Greetings everyone! I was patrolling the net during lunch today and came across this amazing Glog that has pulled together some of the best TED Talks for teachers. Check it out! Do you think there are others that need to be added?

  4. ISTE 2010: Day One

    Greetings all of you back in Michigan! The DEN group hit the ground running today in Denver with a pre-conference event held at the Denver Zoo.  I put together a slide share of some of the photos that I took today, and I am sure that there will be more to come. ISTE 2010: Day1 […]

  5. Interesting Web Find

    As the school year draws to a close, I find myself beginning to have a few spare moments to look at some of the websites that I accumulated over the course of the year that I haven’t looked at.  One of those sites is  This site allows you to upload any PDF form to […]

  6. Geocaching Day 2010: Michigan Locations

    Greetings fellow Michiganders.  The DEN team here in Michigan is hosting two locations for DEN Geocaching Day on May 22nd, 2010.  One location will be in West Bloomfield, MI and the other will be in Battle Creek, MI.  Click on the city names to register for either location.  Below you will find a flyer for […]

  7. Kalamazoo Day of Discovery

    Beyond the Textbook A Day of Discovery for Michigan Educators       Join MACUL’s Keynote Speaker, Steve Dembo, for an engaging, technology-infused professional development workshop focused on creative ways to use digital media in the classroom. Learn techniques to inspire your students and maximize the resources from Discovery Education streaming. A former kindergarten teacher and school […]

  8. Online Photo Editing Sites

    Greetings Fellow Michiganders! Ever find yourself in a predicament where you need to edit a photo and you don’t have a piece of software to do it?  Well, thanks to the power of the web, you will never be stuck again.  There are two sites that I have found very useful, and don’t take long […]