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  1. Sharing Discovery Education

    Have you shared Discovery Education with others? A lunch and learn, conference or a PD training?  Tell us your story. Check out Dawn Peters and Sarah Thompson’s experience sharing DE with a neighboring school in SK!

  2. Fall Virtual Conference at Chief Poundmaker

    Canadian DEN STARS enjoying some coffee and sweets! Our DEN FAll Virtual Conference experience started at our favorite Canadian coffee shop. We needed a ‘pep me up” for the early start of the day! Thanks STARS for meeting me and driving with me to your school. If I didn’t have you with me I would […]

  3. Highlight on New DEN STAR

    Cathi Poplar NB3 21st Century Learning Mentor New Brunswick District #2 I am a new DEN STAR Educator and have been actively involved in supporting 21 Century Skills and Project Based learning for the last 8 years, working with staff and students in Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. I strongly believe in collaborative partnerships, and have […]

  4. Highlighting our Newest Discovery STAR Educator

    Hi! My name is Richard Daley and just became a DEN STAR Educator! What school do you work at and what is your role? I am one of four Technology Mentors for covering 38 schools in our area at School District #2 in New Brunswick, Canada. As a mentor I provide training to students, teachers and […]

  5. Canadian Membership Drive

    We want to award the most loyal school! Between now and October 15, 2010 participate in any of the following free activities and your school may be considered to be a host site of the 2010 Fall Virtual Conference. Attend any webinar and receive one point Bring 2 friends to any webinar and receive two […]

  6. Gimli, Manitoba the Evergreen Summer Institute

    If you haven’t heard of the city of Gimli it’s about time you knew a little about the teachers at Evergreen School Division in Gimli, Manitoba!  Not only are the teachers dynamic and creative, they are passionate about using digital technology in their classroom. Teachers were treated to two whole days of professional development at […]

  7. Canadian Fall Webinar Series

    Fall is right on the corner! Register now for the Canadian Fall Webinar Series. Wednesdays at 5:00 PM CST we will be hosting a “Getting Started With Streaming Webinar.” Discovery education offers a collection of over 100,000 learning objects assembled specifically for K-12 Canadian Classrooms. There are thousands of province-based standards which are aligned to […]

  8. Canadian Author Don Tapscott

    EdTechConnect with bestselling author, Don Tapscott Monday, September 20th 12:00 PM ET Bestselling author, Don Tapscott, adjunct Professor of Management at the University of Toronto, hosts another Webinar, September 20th, where he will discuss MacroWikinomics, its impact on the world of education and the implications it holds for the future. MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Business and the […]

  9. Don’t Miss Out! Become a Discovery Star Educator!

    Join this amazing group of educators and take this professional development opportunity and become a Star Discovery Educator! Not only are there a number of perks but DEN Stars are a global community of educators who are passionate about digital media technology throughout their curriculum and are excited to share with other educators. Here’s what […]

  10. Social Media Connects DEN STARs

    Follow the Discovery Educator social networking community!  Keep up with current events, network with other Discovery Education Educators, and share resources.DEN Stars have fully embraced the ever-growing list of social networks. Here are a few of the many social media groups where I have found the DEN has popped up! Got more to share? Let […]

  11. Read All About it! DEN Stars in the News.

    DEN Stars in the news!  The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s article “Discovery Workshops Offer Hampton Educator High-Tech Collaboration” highlights the accomplishments of our fellow Den Stars; Erin Prosser, Jan Abernethy, Linda Michael, and Tracy Blazosky.  The Summer Institute 2010 at Bentley University this year, hosted by Discovery Education, receives numerous accolades as our stars describe their amazing […]

  12. There is still time! Back to School Webinars 2010

    Kudos to those that have joined us for our Back to School Webinars.  You are now ready to kick-start the school year prepared with additional content, resources and tools at your fingertips. It’s not too late to join in an exploration of our back to school updates to Discovery Education streaming! We’ll take you behind-the-scenes […]

  13. Yippeee! Another new DEN Star!

    David Livingstone Elementary, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Written by Rebecca Robins Rebecca Robins: Job: Resource Teacher working with students from grade 1 – 7. My caseload includes support the learning for ESL students, students with a variety of learning challenges including learning disabilities, those on the Autism Spectrum and gifted students. In addition to this […]

  14. Highlight Our Newest DEN Star Laurie Cassie from B.C.

      David Livingston Elementary School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by, Laurie Cassie Laurie Cassie: Job: Grade 6/7 teacher part time and has been the SMART Board mentor for the Vancouver School Board from 2008. Laurie has presented at over 50 Pro-D days around the province. She often speaks about how to make interactive SMART Board […]

  15. DEN Summer Institute 2010 Comes to a End

      It’s so sad to admit it, but yes, the Summer Institute at Bentley University has ended. The pillows, blankets, sheets and towels are off to the laundry. Keys were turned in. Sharing resources, networking, attending workshop sessions comprised the bulk of the DEN Summer Institute. The Canadian DEN Stars who attended the conferences blogged […]

  16. Another Fabulous Day DEN Summer Institute

    The DEN Summer Institute 2010 – Day 5 by Sarah Thompson Wow, it’s Thursday! We had another great morning of workshops. First, we had a Mashup session with Hall Davidson. I learned about bluescreen transitions, multi-media tools and about wallwisher. Second, I attended the Glogster session with Brad Fountain. This is an amazing tool for […]

  17. Another Interesting Day…. Den Summer Institute

    July 20, Tuesday at DEN SI Lloyd Roche Another very interesting day with lots of new knowledge gained. My missing luggage was finally delivered by the airlines. Thankfully Carissa was available to receive it when delivered to the dorms. I was given the honor of looking after the “Claw” for the day. My ‘gift’ also […]

  18. Another Fun-Filled Educational Day at the Summer Institute

    The DEN Summer Institute 2010 – Day 3 by Sarah Thompson Today was an amazing, fun-filled, educational day! I experienced a full FIZZ workshop with Dr. Lodge McCammon. We started off our session with a video scavenger hunt. The goal – to capture a 30 second one take video of 10 different ideas. Each idea […]