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I am the K-12 Media Specialist for Shepherd Public Schools and am also an Online Instructor/Trainer for Michigan Virtual School.

  1. Is Free Always Good?

    Have you ever wondered how you would wade your way through all of the Open Educational Resources (OERs)? What makes them good, quality tools worth implementing? How can you ensure that they align with the Common Core and provide quality instructional assessment tools? To assist with this, Achieve, Inc. has developed eight downloadable rubrics designed […]

  2. Blended Learning is “Sblended”

    This past week, I had the privilege of hosting a session on blended learning at the 2012 Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Conference in Grand Rapids, MI. I thought I would share the PowerPoint shows that I used for the introduction and for the body of my presentation. They contain some quotations […]

  3. It’s elementary, my dear educator!

    I came across a link  to resources specifically designed to help elementary teachers with the following free resources: Bell Work Ideas Sponge Ideas Center Ideas Interactive Bulletin Boards Lesson Plans Thematic Units Reproducibles Class Certificates Another place that I have noticed that has amazing ideas for the elementary classroom is Pinterest. It is highly visual […]

  4. Are you Pinterested?

    Oh my… Another Internet addiction has hit, and I am working hard to balance it with my Words with Friends, Facebook, and all of my Google habits. The website is called, and it is a visual buffet of anything and everything that might interest you. They describe themselves as an online pinboard, where users […]

  5. MACUL Conference

    If you are a technology enthusiast in Michigan, you have probably seen advertisements for the MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning) Conference each year. It is one that our district has made a priority for the “tech leaders” in order to keep us current in educational technology trends. If you are unfamiliar with […]

  6. Resetting Moodle for New Trimester

    Here are the steps to reset your Moodle courses for a new trimester, semester, or year : 1. In each course, go to the Settings menu on the left-hand side of the course. 2. Click on Reset. 3. Check anything that you want removed from the course. Just don’t remove yourself!! 4. Click Reset Course. […]

  7. does accuracy matter?

    i have been in online ed 4 many years. kids turn in work that looks like it came from their cell phones. may b it did! we tell them 2 use tech 4 school. now their assignments look like convos w/ friends. do we care? we no what they mean rite? i am old school […]

  8. Web 3.0?!?!

    As we encounter increasing amounts of information and an almost infinite quantity of data on the World Wide Web, what can we do to try and make sense of it all? I came across this video produced by Judy O’Connell this morning. Rather than answering this question, it poses additional questions about what we can […]

  9. BYOD?

    The 2011-2012 school year is rapidly approaching, and I wonder how many districts are discussing the increasingly-popular “BYOD” or “Bring Your Own Device” approach to technology? Rather than prohibiting these items, this policy encourages students to bring in cell phones, iPods, iPads, laptops, and other mobile technology to be used in the classroom. The advantages […]

  10. Bye-bye Blackboard

    For many educators in Michigan, July will mark the end of Blackboard’s “reign” as our primary e-learning platform. I am one of those users and, if you are familiar with my articles in the MACUL Journal, you know that I have been a very avid Blackboard supporter. When the potential change was discussed, I have […]

  11. Get Fed with RSS Feeds!

    Okay, so it’s kind of a cheesy tag line, but don’t you sometimes just feel “hungry” for new ideas? With the constant updates that are being made to technology and with the vast array of information available online, we have the option of having a “buffet” spread before us each day using resources such as […]

  12. Administrative Leadership: Paving the Path

    I recently wrote an article for the MACUL Journal, and the topic, “Essentials for 21st Century Teaching and Learning,” created a dilemma for me. As a teacher, I immediately narrowed my view to that of the classroom teacher’s necessities. My brainstorming produced a rich list of resources, along with qualities and attitudes, which I believed […]

  13. Information Whateracy

    What is Information Literacy? In this digital age, there is a lot of talk about Information Literacy. First and foremost, information literacy means having information skills. These skills require individuals to be familiar with print materials (books, periodicals, and so forth), as well as with the electronic resources in the Library/Media Center (Internet, CD-ROMs, and […]

  14. Prepared to be Wow-ed!

    Several videos on YouTube have made the rounds recently as they have addressed perceived issues within our current educational system as it relates to the world around us. I received another video today that both challenged and “wow-ed” me as an educator. I believe that you will also be moved by both the message and the method […]

  15. Tech Overload?!?!

    At our monthly technology committee meeting today, there was a theme that resounded among everyone present: we just might be experiencing technology overload! I have to admit that I did not fully believe that this could happen, because I love my technology. I am a Media Specialist, for Pete’s sake! Suddenly, however, it seems like […]

  16. Ride the Wave… or Crash and Burn?

    Getting ready for the new school year has taken a gradual shift for me. When I think back, I remember the early years where I needed a key to the building, to my classroom, and to the copy room. In my classroom, I dusted off and sorted through teachers’ editions, professional journals, and various handbooks […]

  17. Organized Chaos

    What do you get when you put a Media Specialist with a social personality on the web? FACEBOOK LISTS! Categorize it! Organize it! Label it! Okay, I doubt it was really a Media Specialist who developed lists on Facebook, but I can attest to the fact that at least one is using them–ME! I haven’t […]

  18. Is it good form… to use Google forms?

    I have to credit this week’s blog to my esteemed (and recently retired) colleague, Mr. Bruce Vigneault. He sent me a link to One reason that it particularly interested me was because he commented that many of the forms pertain to the lower grade levels. In my experience at our district, the majority of […]

  19. Feeling Weebly

    I’d love to say that I have more information about Shepherd High School’s use of Facebook in the classroom, but we really haven’t done much more with it. Maybe it truly is just a social media in which students prefer to focus on their social lives? Perhaps we won’t venture into their social circle with […]

  20. Plugged In!

    In my position as K-12 Media Specialist for our district, I sometimes conduct sessions for students regarding Internet safety. This past week, I shared a multimedia presentation from an incredible resource ( with the entire 6th grade class. I started out by asking the students to cheer whenever they saw a form of media on […]

  21. What is Facebook's role in education? And vice versa?

    At our Thanksgiving celebration a  year ago, I was busy updating my Facebook status and prowling around my friends’ pages when my sister-in-law peeked over my shoulder and hesitantly said, “Ya know… That might not be such a good idea.” This was not the first that I had heard about concerns relating to teachers having social […]