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  1. Tech Forum NY

    Tech Forum New York is being held on October 26, 2007 from 7:30 to 4:30.  The Discovery Educator Network New York Leadership Council is working to bring you an event later that night.  If you are attending Tech Forum will you be available to stay after Tech Forum for an event.  If you are not […]

  2. Freebies for Educators

    Just found a great website listing freebies for educators. Do you know of any special offers geared towards teachers to share?  Time and money always seems to be in short supply.  Perhaps some of these sites will help a tad for some of us.

  3. Build It Bigger Webinar Reminder

    Don’t forget to register for the webinar tomorrow with Danny Foster from Build It Bigger and the Discovery Channel. The webinar will be virtually held at 1:30 EST tomorrow, Wednesday, September 13, 2007. Below are some links regarding the event for more information: From the DEN Blog: http://blog.discoveryeducation.comdiscovery_educator_networ/ 2007/09/discovery-conne.html For more on the event: http://blog.discoveryeducation.comdiscovery_educator_networ/ […]

  4. Hello world!

    Welcome to the new home of the New York DEN (Discovery Educator Network). Please update your bookmarks to make it easier to navigate back to us again. Our new home is: The Discovery Educator Network can now be found at Come back and visit and see how we develop!

  5. NY DEN Event for September '07

    Join the New York Discovery Educator Network for lunch and a computer show. September 16, 2007 @ 11:30 TGI Fridays, Tarrytown and the Westchester County Center, White Plains. We will be meeting at TGI Fridays in Tarrytown on 119. (Please note this is not the restaurant on Central Avenue in Hartsdale.) After lunch we will […]

  6. Have you discovered iGoogle paired with Discovery products?

    iGoogle (located at allows you to customize your Google experience. After initial setup when you visit as usual, you will now have an option to login. This will bring you access to feeds, online gadgets, etc. all in one web location. The following Discovery links are available: Discovery News Discovery News – Planet […]

  7. August Teacher Appreciation Days

    Don’t miss out on the freebies stores offer up this time of year. Many major chains offer teacher grab bags, discounts and things for educators. Staples Nationwide Events August varies by store Office Depot Breakfasts August 12 – August 18th Have you heard of any other nationwide teacher deals?

  8. Discover Second Life with the DEN

    The DEN is hosting a virtual gala. Come join the fun in Second Life on August 15th. You can find us at EDUISLAND II 98,95,21. The event will take place from 5:30 – 7:00 PM SLT. Games! Demos! Dancing! Raffle Prizes (must be present to win) Come network with other DEN members. Download SLGala.pdf

  9. Web 2.0 Are you ready?

    I recently found an amazing file from Quentin D’Souza. It discusses various forms of technology that fall under the title Web 2.0. How many forms of web 2.0 do you use in your teaching? Quentin D’Souza’s file: Web 2.0 Share your successes or your struggles. Collaboration is all part of Web 2.0 maybe someone has […]

  10. What Type of Technology User are You?

    The following was posted on the Textually website: “The Pew Internet and American Life Project found that adult Americans are broadly divided into three groups: 31% are elite technology users, 20% are moderate users and the remainder has little or no use of the Internet or cellphones. But Americans are divided within each group, according […]

  11. ALERT!!! Sharks in New York!

    Just in case you haven’t read the national DEN blog, I thought I’d share the following with you.  If you happen to be in the area on that date, this is something you DEFINITELY want to attend!  I would apply, but I’ll still be at the DEN Summer Institute on that date. Reposted from the […]

  12. Summertime! WOOHOO! And WHAT will you be doing?

    Just think about it!  Summertime (read: NO SCHOOL!) is right around the corner.  What are your plans this summer? Here’s one option:  If you’re not already a Discovery Educator you might want to check it out here.  Here’s another option:  Explore the multi-user virtual environment (MUVE) of Second Life.  Why?  Hint, hint:  DEN has established […]

  13. First Mass E-mailing to NY DEN Members

    For those of you who may not have received the first mass e-mailing to all NY DEN members, here is the content of the e-mail: On behalf of the NY DEN Leadership Council, I am emailing to try to share with you what the NY DEN Leadership Council has been up to lately. There is […]

  14. Going, Going, GONE!!!

    Get them while you can! Was notified by DEN that they have some extras in the warehouse of some training materials.  Now’s the time to order some (they come in packs of 10), especially if you’re going to be doing training over the summer.  I understand that once these are gone — that’s it!  So […]

  15. ALERT! Great Opportunity!!!

    HOT OFF THE PRESS Jannita (DEN) JUST e-mailed me with the following information: We have a BIG webinar TODAY with a producer from the Science Channel and I just received word that we have confirmed an ASTRONAUT that will also be on the call!!!!!  The webinar is at 1 EST so that students can participate, […]

  16. Your Input is Requested

    Good Morning! Please take a moment to take a survey over at the DEN National Blog and let them know if you plan on attending NECC and if you’d be interested in attending a DEN event. Click here. ‘Stay Tuned and Stay Connected!’

  17. Double Dutch Treat

    Looking for something to do in NYC this coming week?  Then check out the showing of "Doubletine" at the TriBeCa Film Festival. These program notes were taken directly from their website: If seeing is believing, watching these kids Double Dutch elicits double-takes and disbelief. Chronicling the world of competitive jump roping, this energetic documentary follows […]

  18. In Memory Of…

    It is with a heavy heart that I write/share this post with you… To honor those killed in the tragedy at Virginia Tech, DEN has changed its color scheme for the blogs to orange and maroon. Steve D. (via Kevin Johnson) has shared the following: Virginia Tech family members across the country have united to […]

  19. It's Gonna Be Outta This World!

    DEN has put together the ‘Earth and Space Virtual Project’, a six-week project enabling your students to collaborate with classrooms from across the country.  Not only will your students be engaged in a series of challenges, known as ‘DEN Missions’, but they’ll be able to attend a number of webinar (1 p.m. EST) tutorials focusing […]

  20. A BANG for your Buck

    And best of all it’s ***FREE***!!! What am I talking about?  Why DEN’s EdTechConnect webinars of course!  I just finished an hour with Lance as he presented UnitedStreaming 24/7 and let me tell you I’d get that man to pack my suitcase any day (referring, of course, to how information he can ‘pack’ in an […]

  21. Did You Get Your Confirmation?

    Confirmation of National Institutes If you have already applied, you should have received a confirmation email.  If you have not, please email Jannita at ASAP. Good Luck!  We are looking forward to seeing you at the institutes! ‘Stay Tuned and Stay Connected!’

  22. My Wallet

    Just thought I’d give you a peek (and an incentive to get your images to me) of what’s in my ‘wallet’ that is techie in nature. I’ve got my flash drive (compliments of Discovery Education, of course!), my Exilim camera for those spur-of-the Kodak (in this case, Casio) moments, my cell phone, my Olympus digital […]

  23. Friday the 13th

    No this isn’t a ‘scary’ post.  I just want to make sure that our New York DEN members are ‘gently’ reminded that this Friday is the deadline to apply for the DEN National Institutes for Summer 2007. Look at the fabulous locations in store for us this summer: Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD during […]

  24. What's in Your "Wallet"?

    Yeah, I thought that title would get your attention!  (Actually, it’s a take on a credit card ad.) I was reading the Fall 2006 (I know, I know…I’m a little behind in my reading.) issue of Savvy, the magazine put out by Women in Technology International and ran across a blurb on technology gadget ownership […]

  25. Meet Your New York Leadership Council

    WELCOME!!!  I understand that we (this blog) is going *L*I*V*E* on Wednesday!  That’s soooo exciting.  I’d like to take this post to introduce you to your New York Leadership Council: (drumroll please!) Starring:  Loren Nowak – Chair and co-starring: Dahlia McGregor (as the co-Chair for the downstate/NYC area) (applause, applause) and featuring: Jeanine Rousseau as […]