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Gifted & Talented Algebra 1 and Algebra 2, Gifted & Talented, Enriched, and General Geometry and Web Page Design

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About Mrs. T
I have been teaching at Northwood for 6 years. I am a certified STAR Discovery Educator, a National Board Candidate, and have presented workshops
for other educators at the campus, local, regional, and state l
levels. I will continue using technology and digital media in the
classroom to keep pace with the real world. I have a great group of students this year and look forward to seeing them SUCCEED!

Currently pursuing Masters of Education in Technology Leadership
2007 Caddo Teacher of the Year Finalist
2007 Northwood Teacher of the Year
2007 Discovery National Institute
2006 LACUE Secondary Educator of the Year
2006 LATM/LASC State Convention Presenter
2005 One Class At A Time $1,000 Grant Recipient
2005 LATM State Convention Presenter
2005 NLMA Regional Conference Presenter
2004 Alliance for Education Grant Recipient

Mission For The Class

My class motto is SUCCESS:
Comprehending, and

  1. Regional Event at SMU

    For all those who will be attending the DEN Regional Event at SMU August 1 and 2, the Texas DEN has started a wiki which includes a place to complete information if you are attending the regional conference. It is a good idea if educators from other states who will be attending the conference participate […]

  2. Green With Envy

    The Discovery Educator Network has outdone themselves once again! This time it included a trip to their studio where STAR DE’s were given access to a professional cameraman and green screen. The session started with an overview by our own Steve Dembo who emphasized that we were to take our time and had words of […]

  3. DEN LC IN DC IS KRZY! In a great way…

    Hello Louisiana! Let’s recap some of the events at the DNI Leadership Council today. We started with The Hall Davidson sharing his information and ideas about creative cellphone uses we should be fighting for, not against. Check out his clever ideas over at the speaker’s page where he has generously donated his podcast and presentation […]

  4. LA Welcomes New STAR Educators

    Congratulations to our new DE STAR Educator! Debra Coleman We appreciate your commitment to students and learning. Welcome Aboard to one of the best resources available to educators worldwide! Stay tuned to our LA DEN Blog for exciting events this coming year! Check out our list of new STARS just this year! Louisiana is on […]

  5. Regional DEN Events Scheduled

    Hello LA Educators!  We are making plans to attend the Regional Institute in Dallas.  Other events are taking place in other cities, so please try to find one that suits your travel plans.  We need to keep our connections with each other active and engaging!  Be sure to bookmark the DEN National Blog for great ideas […]

  6. Welcome New LA STARs!

    We are once again excited to announce our newest STAR DE’s: Linda Lingefelt Lisa Pumphrey We are excited about the opportunities Discovery has in store for these new DEN Members. They are now part of the global community of educators who have a strong desire to bring innovative classrooms to their students. Leave a post […]


    Congratulations to our new DE STAR Educators! Tracie Spicuzza, LA Cindy Wallace, LA Heidi Wilson, LA Charlotte Withrow, LA We appreciate your commitment to students and learning. Welcome Aboard to one of the best resources available to educators worldwide! Stay tuned to our LA DEN Blog for exciting events this coming year! How about a […]

  8. LA LC is already planning a Summer Event!

    To all our Louisiana STAR Discovery Educators, please support our plans to host a summer event! Gwen Thomas and Susan Tompkins are working to coordinate a date, time, and place so stay tuned to this blog for more information. As STAR DE’s we all should be promoting the benefits of the DEN, Discovery Streaming, and […]

  9. LA Welcomes its Newest STARS!

    The LA LC welcomes our newest STARS: Debbie Keith Nicki Guidry Nicole Brondum Congratulations on becoming a STAR DE for the great state of Louisiana.  We look forward to seeing you grow as an educator and wish you the best!   Let’s give them a hearty welcome by leaving comments below.  Any active Discovery Educator can […]

  10. Louisiana Launches Leadership Council!

    Hello Louisiana! This is our first official blog for the Louisiana DEN!  This blog’s purpose is to be a place for sharing ideas, links, and cool tools.  We are excited to be a part of the DEN community where the support is unparalleled.  We thrive on communication and education about technology, especially how it impacts our classrooms and our students! We have a brief introduction […]