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I am a manager on the Science Techbook Instructional Implementation Team. Prior to working with Discovery Education, I served as a science teacher and an instructional technology administrator. I enjoy helping teachers become better educators. My work with Discovery Education is exciting because I not only am able to combine science and technology, but I am also able to share and collaborate with great educators.

  1. DoD in Kalamazoo, Michigan

    On Saturday February 17, 2012 a Day of Discovery was hosted in Kalamazoo, Michigan. A number of teachers and educators were attendance to learn about Data Driven Instruction, differentiated instruction, web 2.0 tools and the Discovery Education Science Techbook. Participants were also given an opportunity to learn about additional topics of their choice through the […]

  2. Learning through Sound Effects

    A mouse scratching the floor as he searches for food.  An owl “ho ho” in the middle of the night.  These are sounds we have heard in nature, which spark the imagination of what we envision may be occurring.  Sound effects are a great way for students to think about and narrate what they hear.  […]

  3. Increasing Independent Thinking in the Classroom. A Few Points to consider.

    The characteristics of a motivating and engaging classroom promotes student independent thinking. Teachers are facilitators that assist learners in creating meaning when they make connections. Students must become scientists and learn to use resources for constructing new experiences with transform their understanding of content. Students should evolve in science by learning and finding appropriate ways […]

  4. Discovery Education Theme Pages of Discovery Talent

    Discovery Education just launched exciting new theme pages that feature some of the great talent from Discovery. There are videos from Phillip Cousteau that focus on environmental education. The Danny Forester page features segments on Architecture and Engineering. Reed Timmer from Storm Chasers videos feature his work in extreme weather conditions. Head Rush and MythBuster […]

  5. Flagler County Florida Family Science Nights

    Flagler county school district in Florida hosted two evenings of science nights. On Wednesday, December 7th the Discovery Team was at Rymfire Elementary and on Thursday, December 8th, we were at Bunnell Elementary.  Parents and students participated and learned more about the science techbook. They participated in hands-on activities straight from the Discovery Education Science […]

  6. NASA launches Mars Science Laboratory…incorporate the mission with the Science Techbook


    On Saturday November 26th, NASA launched the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Spacecraft from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.  View updates on NASA site here. The Discovery Education Science Techbook includes excellent lessons on space explorations.  The NASA launch of the MSL spacecraft is a great way to engage students in current events and […]

  7. The Impact of Climate Change on Polar Bears

    Sunday, November 20th Good Morning America aired the segment Polar Bears Suffer Due to Warmer Weather. The Polar Bears in Manitoba Province, Canada are having a hard time finding food because of late freezing and early thawing, which is due to climate change. Watch it here. Learn more about the impact of climate change on […]

  8. Discovery Education and NABSE takes New Orleans

    The National Association of Black School Educators conference was held November 16th the 20th in New Orleans, LA. Discovery Education was in full force. The Discovery Education Team and partners presented in breakout sessions through out the conference. Dr. Eugene White, the superintendent from Indianapolis Public Schools gave an inside look on Making the Transition […]

  9. Going Green is for Everyone.

    The Green movement involves everyone.  Green is Universal by NBC kicked off their Green Week on Sunday, November 13th. Here you will find information on sustainability and also simple tips towards conserving energy.  The site provides a list of programming which promotes “Go Green’ efforts.  Do a search for Green Week at to learn […]

  10. Witnessing Climate Change reports an exhibit of pictures taken by individuals to support evidence of climate change in Turkey. People are encouraged by Climate Advocates for “wear ‘climate glasses’ for identifying changes in the environment. Click here to read the article. This is a good project for students to investigate their environment. Use images from the Discovery […]

  11. Family Science Night at Nita Pearson Elementary School

    This past week, the Discovery Education Team had the pleasure of working with educators at Nita Pearson Elementary School in Rowlett, Texas. About 200 students and parents attended Family Science night to learn various science concepts and eat pizza. Danny Forster from Build It Bigger spoke to the parents about the 911 documentary. He also […]

  12. Developing an Awareness for Natural Resources

    “Going Green” is about preserving our natural resources for a better quality of life now and for the future.  The Discovery Education Science Techbook provides many great lessons to help students to understand our relationship with the environment. In the virtual lab Wow! Windmills, students investigate how the design and location of a windmill can […]

  13. The Science of Changing Seasons

    It is autumn. Leaves are changing colors and falling from trees.  This is a great time to engage students in learning about the changing world around them.  There are opportunities to explore the changes in weather and how weather contributes to the change in environment.  Environmental science education helps students to understand the natural wonders […]

  14. Seasonal Science Streaming

    Every month the Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK Implementation team will be on location in the classroom and connecting hands on activities to digital content in the SCIENCE TECHBOOK. We will broadcast live for classrooms that use the SCIENCE TECHBOOK to observe and be a part of the lesson. The first of the series occurred in […]

  15. How can we use Reading and Writing with Technology to Increase Comprehension in Science Concepts? Using Discovery Education Science Techbook – That’s How!

    Reading and writing throughout the content areas has been a goal and objective within education.  As we seek to understand more about how students develop the necessary skills for acquiring more in-depth knowledge and information about the world around them, our focus must include technology that supports reading and writing in science.  It is important […]

  16. Discovery Education SCIENCE TECHBOOK Making an Impact in Rapides Parish, LA.

    Discovery Education SCIENCE TECHBOOK has been taken on throughout many school districts in many different parts of the country. The educators of Rapides Parish in Lousiana share their excitement. Read – 8 Rapides Parish elementary schools replacing science textbooks with interactive ‘techbooks”  by Karina Vailes (June 28, 2011) School backpacks are going to get a […]

  17. Constructivism & The Discovery Education Science Techbook = (Education & Web 2.0 tools) Education 2.0

    Over the past 15 years, technology has constantly evolved, creating and expanding for the learning capabilities off all students.  We see it everyday, as new products arrive to local stores ranging from smartphones to computers.  The 21st century classroom has also evolved as teachers, administrators and parents have come to understand that students need innovative […]

  18. Trinette Green

    Hello Everyone!! I am Trinette Green. I am an Instructional Implementation Manager for the Discovery Education Science Techbook. I’ve been with Discovery Education for a year and I am based in the Miami, Florida office. Before joining Discovery, I served as a science teacher and an instructional technology administrator in Wisconsin. I am married to […]