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  1. WI Blog to Follow

    Cathy Houchin (Watertown, WI & part of our WI DEN Leadership Council) has been adding some things to her She has a great post on using Audacity (which we use for our Lab Out Loud podcast) and another post on 180 Technology Tips. Follow her RSS feed at Who else from Wisconsin has been blogging (either […]

  2. Setup an RSS Reader

    Want to keep up with current news in your subject area? Try Google Reader (or other RSS readers) to get constant, up-to-date RSS feeds from various news sources, blogs and podcasts. As May 1st is RSS Day, now is the perfect time to start.Before we begin, what is RSS? RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication”. […]

  3. Listen to Bill Nye for Earth Day

    For Earth Day, listen to our podcast with Bill Nye—comic, engineer, and science guy—and learn his thoughts on global warming and sustainable living. He even tells us about his new show—Stuff Happens—that will air on Discovery’s new channel: Planet Green (which debuts in June). You can play the interview, view the show notes and subscribe […]

  4. Grant Writing Tips

    With shrinking school budgets, educators might consider looking to grants for project funds. Here are some tips (from the links below and from personal experience) for you if you are thinking of applying for a grant. Preparation Make sure your idea fits the grant criteria (location, non-equipment, etc) Look for full grants and mini-grants too […]

  5. Student Discussion Boards

    My district has recently installed Microsoft Sharepoint. This is a dynamic tool (albeit from the MotherShip) that allows me to create and control groups where users can collaborate though shared documents, discussions boards, blogs, and wikis (and many other features). My initial observations of Sharepoint made me realize that it has a distinct Microsoft footprint […]

  6. Darwin Day Celebration

    Saturday, February 9th @ 7:00 PM Lawrence University; Appleton, WI Science Hall, Room 102 Please join us for this special Darwin Day event on Saturday, February 9th at Lawrence University. This event is designed to celebrate Darwin’s birthday and contributions to science. All students, educators and scientists are welcome. Food and door prizes will be […]

  7. Sign up for a DEN Virtual Conference

      Join us for the 1st ever Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference! Saturday, February 2nd 8 AM – 2 PM Connect with educators from all over the country during this unique professional development experience where you can attend in-person, online or both. The DEN Virtual Conference is a national event that provides educators a unique […]

  8. Light, Liberty and Flickr

    The Library of Congress has recently made a huge step in embracing such Web 2.0 concepts such as creativity, collaboration and sharing between users.In an effort to provide better access to their collections, while symbiotically harvesting more information about those collections, the Library of Congress has created a Flickr page to host copyright-free pictures: Out […]

  9. Struggling… to Teach Better

    In the recent issue of Edutopia (Nov/Dec 2007, Vol. 3, # 8), Mitch Martin describes about how a good teacher must be bad at something to be good at teaching (Mr. Martin’s Oopses, page 10).   I must admit – I’ve been thinking about this article a lot lately in both teaching and beyond. Martin describes […]

  10. WANTED: Online Judges

    Elaine Plybon, blog coordinator for the Texas DEN Leadership Council, needs YOU! The Irving Independent School District in Irving, Texas, for which she works, has an annual Technology Media Fair. This year, the district has opened up several categories for online judging. The hope, above all, is that this will help keep district students excited […]

  11. EdTechConnect with Daniel Pink

    EdTechConnect with Daniel Pink December 12th 7:00pm EST Daniel Pink, bestselling author of A WHOLE NEW MIND, will describe how three powerful economic forces are putting a premium on right-brain abilities in the workforce. He’ll describe the six artistic, empathic abilities that now matter most — and discuss how educators are beginning to surface and […]

  12. Digital Photo Frames Redux

    The use of digital photo frames to show slideshows is nothing new. But while I was setting up our house for Christmas (tree, lights, etc), I noticed the digital photo frame in the family room that has been repeating the same family pictures for the last 11 months (it was a 2006 Christmas gift). Immediately, […]

  13. Rate of Reaction Videos

    Inspired by Dale Basler’s stop-motion video project in physics, I recently had my freshman biophys students make videos that examine the factors affecting the rate of a chemical reaction. We used a lab from an Addison-Wesley Chemistry lab manual entitled “Factors Affecting Reaction Rates”. This lab was ideal, as the instructions are already neatly divided […]

  14. Gettysburg Address as Powerpoint

    To illuminate how Powerpoint presentations can be abused, Peter Norvig (research director at Google) has recreated Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address as a Powerpoint Presentation. [Link] My favorite part is the introduction (we’ve all been here/seen this): Good morning. Just a second while I get this connection to work. Do I press this button here? Function-F7? No, […]

  15. But CAN you take it?

    Jeffrey Branzburg recently wrote an article for Technology and Learning ( entitled “You Can Take it With You” (How to integrate video segments in curriculum – without worry). To summarize, Branzburg is teaching us how to download video clips from YouTube, Google Video, etc (as they might blocked through many school districts). Here are his […]

  16. NBC News Clips Through HotChalk

    Through January 2008, you can access the NBC news archive FREE through HotChalk. HotChalk is a learning management system that provides a community for teachers, students and parents that “…includes curriculum management, lesson plan development, automated assignment distribution, collection, and grading in a web-based environment.”  [See About HotChalk].  This is a free system that relies on advertising […]

  17. Acknowledging Our Own

    Every now and then, it is appropriate to acknowledge what our DEN members around Wisconsin are doing. For instance, this summer Rita Mortenson shared with us her trip to California as an Apple Distinguished Educator. We have many educators in the state doing amazing things for education and receiving awards for their efforts. If you […]

  18. GOOG-411 vs. Live Search 411

    Last month, I was out with a good friend planning some upcoming podcasts. But we were hungry and wanted to know if the local bowling alley (we had a coupon) was still serving food. My buddy rang up the location with GOOG-411 (800-466-4411), got our answer (yes), and we were on our way. GOOG-411 is […]

  19. National Middle Schools STAR DEN Event

    Here’s a post from the TN DEN: The National Middle Schools Association (NMSA) will host its annual national convention in Houston, TX from November 8 to 10. If you are a STAR DEN member and would like to attend a social gathering of other DEN members while attending the NMSA convention, we need your input. […]