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  1. Webinars, Stars and Torches

    WEBINARS Check out the list of upcoming webinars and enroll in one today! [Link] Specifically, check out these fantastic ones: EdTechConnect with Claudia Linden (from Second Life) on Wednesday, October 17 Stream-A-Thon on Tuesday, October 23rd [Link] KEEP YOUR STAR Don’t forget – keep your star status; the cut-off is November 23!!! [Link] STAR DEN […]

  2. .edu opportunities

    Check out this fantastic collaboration (from LifeHacker) of learning opportunities from .edu websites; they are categorized in Art, Science, Space, Humanities, Photography, History, & Misc.Here is a sample of the entry for .edu opportunities in Science: Explore gross anatomy at the University of Michigan Medical School. Download a virtual microscope at the University of Illinois […]

  3. Fall Discovery Streaming Event CANCELLED

    The Fall Discovery Streaming Event scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2007 in Verona has been CANCELLED due to low enrollment.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Look for more opportunities in the future from your DEN Leadership Council.  If you have any suggestions/locations for upcoming events, please contact us.

  4. Margarine for Learning

    Today is the Friday of Homecoming week, and you can feel the energy pulsing through the students and staff in the building. During the week we have plenty of spirit building activities, such as dress-up days, music in the halls, voting for homecoming court, penny wars between the student classes, and a float-building party with […]

  5. WI DEN Fall Update

    Hello Wisconsin STAR DEN members! We hope that you have had a fantastic start to the new school year. If you have been visiting the DEN site regularly, you know there are a lot of changes happening this Fall. Here is a rundown of what’s happening around the DEN: We are having a big DEN […]

  6. 30 Years of Change

    As I start my 29th year of teaching, I am reminded of all the changes that have occurred in the classroom.  I know I have had many different hair styles and colors, eventually going back to the original color. I began teaching in high heels and now have come back down to reality.  But the biggest changes […]

  7. Back to School with STAR Status

    By now, most of us have settled into our routines – our lessons are planned, our seating charts are set and we are starting to memorize our students’ names.  But don’t forget another really important back to school essential…your STAR status! Essentially to keep your START status, you have to show that you are active.  […]

  8. Digi-Peeve #1: The World is Flat

    By now, you have probably heard of Thomas Friedman’s book “The World is Flat” (April 2005). While this is a very worthwhile book that addresses globalization in the 21st century (you should read it if you haven’t), it is over two years old and is not the only resource that can enlighten us about our […]

  9. Walk to support our Armed Forces and their families

    On Sept. 11, please join the DEN team and the Military Channel as we partner with America Supports You, a Department of Defense program recognizing citizens’ support for our military and communicating that support to members of our Armed Forces and their families. America Supports You connects citizens and corporations who are looking for ways […]

  10. Is Your Principal Reading Your E-mail?

    In the September 2007 issue of Reader’s Digest, an article entitled Is Your Boss Spying on You? (by Kim Zetter) caught my eye. While this article is applicable to anyone who has internet access at work, it is especially valid for educators. Not only is my district reading my e-mail and following my website history, […]

  11. Digi-Peeves

    If you are an educator like I am, then you have probably attended numerous conferences, presentations and forums that revolve around technology and its place in education. The majority of these professional development opportunities have provided me with excellent opportunities to learn new ideas, network with other educators, and generally discuss the role of technology […]

  12. Share Your Summer!

    What have you done this summer for professional development?  Did you travel to NECC? Attend a DEN Leadership Conference?  Take an exciting class? Here’s your chance to share your experiences with other WI DEN members.  Simply submit a comment to this post complete with an e-mail address, and I will contact you for what is […]

  13. DEN WI Leadership Travels to Maryland

    Four Wisconsin STAR DEN Members selected to attend the DEN National Leadership Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland from June 18 – 22. On June 18, 2007, Deb Donley and Rita Mortenson, from Verona Area School District, and Cathy Houchin and Crystal Nelson from Watertown School District, flew from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the DEN National Institute […]

  14. Schools Need to Front the Change

    Last week, a study (pdf) and a survey (pdf) got me thinking about education’s role in emerging technology. The Study: A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users from the Pew Internet & American Life Project Addressing people’s assets, actions, attitudes towards information and communications technology (ICT), this study sorts American adults into three distinct […]

  15. Webinar Today!

    We have a big webinar TODAY with a producer from the Science Channel and I just received word that we have confirmed an ASTRONAUT that will also be on the call!!!!! The webinar is at 1 EST so that students can participate, ask questions, etc. This is another great opportunity to encourage your members to […]

  16. Day of Discovery Information

    For those of you attending the Day of Discovery, visit for more information of what to do in Milwaukee. There are still some spaces available for registration.  If interested, email and visit Day of Discovery.   Here are some Hotel Options: Comfort Inn and Suites Downtown Lakefront 916 East State Street 800-328-7275 […]

  17. My Dentist has a Tablet PC!

    Last night I had my regular checkup at the dentist (no cavities, thank you), and was amazed to see the technology that they have. Of course, I am talking of technology beyond the X-ray machine and standard medical equipment. I am talking about the tablet PC that the dental technician picked off its base, and […]

  18. Headed to NECC?

    Are you planning on attending the National Educational Computing Conference June 24-27 in Atlanta? If so, log on to the DEN national blog and take a poll letting Discovery Education know if you’ll be attending. They would like to host an event or two, and want to know what you’d attend. Here’s the link.

  19. Orange and Maroon Effect

    In response to the following message, Virginia Tech family members across the country have united to declare this Friday, April 20th, an “Orange and Marroon  Effect" day to honor those killed in the tragic events on campus Monday, and to show support for Virginia Tech students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, and friends. “Orange and Maroon […]

  20. Research on Powerpoint

    In response to Steve Dembo’s post on teach42 “can your presentation stand on its own?”, and a recent announcement that Google will soon unveil a powerpoint clone, I thought it might be relevant to look into the research on using powerpoint. DEN member Dale Basler recently tackled this issue on his newsvine site (re-posted with […]