1. Discovery Education Assessment Webinar

    Event: Discovery Education Assessment: Predictive Benchmarks   Date and Time: Monday, June 22, 2009 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00, New York) Change time zone Duration: 30 minutes Description: Match, predict and improve student performance on state exams with Discovery Education Assessment: Predictive Benchmark. A powerful formative assessment resource, Predictive Benchmark generates a clear, […]

  2. Summer School With the DEN

    The Problem: So, you’ve registered to attend one of the Back to School with DE webinars and now you are looking for great integration ideas for the enhanced DE media library. The Solution: Join the DEN for summer school! Who ever said summer school isn’t fun? Get ready for your school year with an amazing series […]

  3. Discovering South Africa

    I have enjoyed being on the journey with our Arkansas students in South Africa so much. They are sharing their adventures each day in “wonderful” blog posts. Their talents in posting and picture taking are amazing. Each student has used words and pictures to make you feel like you are there with them. It isn’t […]

  4. Off to South Africa!

    Congratulations to Karen Wells and four of her students from Midland High School in Northest Arkansas. They will be leaving June 2nd, headed to South Africa on the Discovery Student Adventures’s South Africa pilot trip. Day 2 has them arriving  into Johannesburg where they will meet their South African travel manager, before boarding an internal flight to Cape Town, […]

  5. What a Week!

    I hope all of you enjoyed Discovery’s Teacher Appreaciation Week as much as I did.  It gave me a chance to show other educators how “special” you can be treated by being a STAR Educator.  It got the attention of several of my colleagues.  Another way to get others interested is by including a link to […]


    There is just not enough room to thank you as an educator for all you do.  I feel STAR educators deserve and “extra” THANK YOU because you go out of your way to do the extra things that make a difference.  Being a STAR Discovery Educator shows that you are interested in the new things […]

  7. Sweet on Discovery

    Teachers and library media specialists gathered in Rogers, Arkansas on Saturday to enjoy the sweet chocolate desserts.   Sunday 450+ teachers, library media specialist, and technology personnel from across the state gathered together for a three day conference.   “Bring Life to Lessons with Discovery Education Streaming” session highlighted the benefits of using Discovery Education and being a […]

  8. DEN Virtual Conference

    Spring Into Action with the DEN during this unique (and free) professional development event where you have the flexibility to attend online or in-person at one of many regional events hosted by the DEN Leadership Councils.When? Saturday, April 25, 2009 9 AM to 3 PM EDT Where? Online or in-person. How much? Free. The day […]

  9. "Sweet Success"

    The Arkansas DEN met in Rogers, Arkansas for a “sweet treat” on Saturday, April 18th.  We had six prospective DEN members there to share desserts with the three LC members. (Evelyn McFadden, Karen Wells and Glenda Jenkins).  We discussed the STAR status and application.  Some have already begun the process of becoming a STAR.  We are […]

  10. Discovery Educator at AAIM Conference

    Many of you attended Arkansas Association of Instructional Media Conference (AAIM)this weekend.  Discovery was there to welcome library media specialist and technology personnel from around the state.  The Discovery session gave information for beginning users needing passcodes to advanced users learning about the educator network.  Attendees were encouraged to get involved and join us in […]

  11. Sweet on Discovery

    Saturday,  April 18th Discovery Educators met at Mimi’s in Rogers, Arkansas.  The members gathered together to learn what Discovery could do for them professionally and for their classrooms.  As members ate the triple chocolate brownie covered with ice cream, discussions were held on the limitless possibilities on the benefits and how Discovery could impact their students.  If you […]

  12. Just a reminder

    Just a reminder about the upcoming Sweet on Discovery Event in Rogers, Arkansas.  On Saturday April 18th, we will be meeting at Mimi’s Cafe.  We are excited about meeting you and sharing what Discovery Educator can do for you.  Join us for the fun and meet other star members from across the state. 

  13. Sweet on Discovery

    Sweet on Discovery Saturday, April 18tb 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Do you love Discovery even more than chocolate? Do you find yourself needing a Discovery fix??? Then you don’t need to miss this sweet event at Mimi’s Cafe in Rogers. Join us for dessert and an update on Discovery programs that are sure to sweeten […]

  14. Arkansas Star-Studded Event   November 8th The Arkansas Leadership Council would like to get to know the real STARs of Arkansas! That’s right all you STARs – it’s time to shine!  Arkansas’s first-ever STAR event is scheduled for Saturday, November 8th at Pulaski Technical College in Little Rock. This is your opportunity to sparkle with Discovery […]

  15. Streamathon

    If you missed the streamathon on September 23rd, you don’t have to have missed out.  You can now sit back and enjoy at your convenience the different events that took place during the day, by logging into the Streamathon Archive.  Don’t let this one get away!  They were all great events!  I heard reports from […]

  16. Motivation at Work

    It is the middle of the third week of school and we are already out for bad weather, this time due to the rains from Gustav. Several schools in the southern and central part of the state are experiencing flooded roadways and power outages so we join the many Louisiana schools that are also closed. […]

  17. DEN in the news!

    The September 10th publication of Education Week, featured educators at the Leadership Conference in Maryland.  Educators spent the week networking with each other in technology.   So much was shared during the week and the link has carried on as we have returned to our home states.  Webinars are held to keep everyone connected and challenged. As a […]

  18. Commercial Time!

    Tired of the heat? Tired of those same old boring days of no students in and out?  Ready to get back to school?  Well , it is just about that time for educators that have been on summer break.  Most of us have been to several workshops and picked up idea after idea and now […]

  19. How many more ways can we use Discovery Streaming?

    We already have a wonderful list of 50 ways to use Discovery Streaming. Star Members attending the DEN LC in Maryland put their heads together and created a few more ways.  Two  Kansas Leadership Council members spent extra time creating their 25 additional ways to share Discovery Streaming.  With each new idea is also an […]

  20. Leadership Conference

    The AR DEN Leadership Council spent the week in Silversprings, Maryland at Discovery Headquarters.  The LC was able to meet and share ideas with other LC members from across the US.  Discussion on planning events for Star Members was a hot topic. Everyone had the opportunity to stand in front of the camera at the Discovery Studio […]

  21. Workshop with Kathy Sharock

    Workshop #2      (Limited Seating-first come, first serve) {Registration Begins February 1st and Closes February 13th for this Live – one hour “Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0″ Webinar to be held on February 15th from 10am to 11am. This one hour live Webinar is available for Members only in the Arkansas IDEAS Learn Now! system. […]

  22. On the go!

    Every where you look, you see someone with an earpod hanging out their ear.  Even my 4 year old granddaughter keeps her mp3 player going as she sings to Hannah Montana. The busy life we all have keeps us from enjoying some things we need to stop for.  Thanks to podcasts, we can still keep […]

  23. The DEN Virtual Conference

    Join us for the 1st ever Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference on Saturday, February 2nd! Connect with educators from all over the country during this unique professional development experience where you can attend, in-person, online or both! The DEN Virtual Conference is a national event that provides educators a unique opportunity to experience Discovery Education’s […]

  24. Learn Out Loud

    I’ve been working with my students doing projects that involve podcasting. Today, I received an email from a friend that found a site she knew I would just love!  She was so right, Learn Out Loud is a wonderful place to hear different podcasts that cover subjects of all types. It also features a section on video […]