1. Fun Fact Friday: Nikola Tesla


    Did you know that Nikola Tesla, inventor of the Tesla Coil, also invented the AC (alternating current) system that is still used to power our homes even today? It’s true! Considered eccentric by many, Tesla was a brilliant inventor, and was briefly employed by Thomas Edison as an electrical engineer. Tesla and Edison went their […]

  2. Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge


    Happy Thursday Cache and Cookies readers!! Just checking in to update everyone on the current happenings around Discovery Education! *NEWSFLASH* September has been renamed STEMtember in support of the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge! The Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge is a new age type of science fair. This isn’t a […]

  3. On this day…

    Vasco nunez de balboa

    On this day… In 1513, Vasco Núñez de Balboa discovered what was referred to as, the “South Sea” (Pacific Ocean). On September 1, 1513, Balboa led an expedition in search of gold with about 200 Spaniards and many natives. On the journey across the isthmus of Panama, Balboa encountered many obstacles such as jungles, mountain […]

  4. Mousey Tuesday – STEMtember


                          Mousey decided to make a special appearance today to bring to our Cache and Cookies readers our ongoing webinar series for the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge! The webinar series is a part of Discovery Education Celebrating STEMtember! http://www.wecanchange.com/STEMtember?utm_source=CustomerSupport&utm_medium=STEMtemberblog&utm_campaign=WCC+Fall+2013   The webinar […]

  5. Mousey Monday – Checkers Speech


                            Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers!! On this Day in 1952 was the deliverance of Vice Presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon’s infamous Checkers Speech. Senator Nixon was accused of secretly accepting money from wealthy donors. The speech took an offensive […]

  6. Fun Fact Friday: George Washington


    George Washington is often called the father of our country, and is a figure of fascination for many people, but there are many facts about him that are not necessarily common knowledge. For example, one of his hobbies was breeding hound dogs. Here are some other interesting facts about the nation’s first president: While he […]

  7. On this date…

    New York Times First Edition

    On this date… The New York Times, nicknamed The Gray Lady, was first published on September 18th, 1851. The paper, whose motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print”, was co-founded by journalist Henry Jarvis Raymond and banker George Jones. The first issue was sold for just one penny. The paper is structured in […]

  8. Mousey Monday – Global Wrap


                            Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers!! Mousey wanted to bring to your attention Discovery Education’s weekly series Global Wrap. Global Wrap is a weekly roundup of the major news reports occurring throughout the world. The series provides an engaging overview […]

  9. Did you know…

    Australia Commonwealth Coat of Arms

    Did you know…Kangaroos can’t hop backwards? Because of their exceptionally muscular tail and huge feet, it is extremely difficult for them to move backwards at all. Their tail is so big and strong, it is used almost like a fifth limb when fighting. They will balance on their tail and use both enormous feet to […]

  10. Mousey Monday – Discovery Education Streaming Plus Trial


                            Happy Mousey Monday readers!! Mousey wanted to share with our educators the 60 day trial offer we have for Discovery Education Streaming Plus:  https://login.discoveryeducation.com/?streamingplus=1&campaign=5 Discovery Education Streaming Plus now offers instructional support for educators to implement the Common Core Standards! The trial is […]

  11. Field Day!

    Post by Andrew Harshey Later this afternoon, our team will be participating in a field day for some healthy competition between Discovery Education’s employees. It’s Sales vs. Support in the battle for the title of Discovery Education’s A-Team! With games such as tug of war, pillow sack races, three legged races, and water balloon tosses, […]

  12. Fun Fact Friday: Thomas Edison


    Did you know that Thomas Edison invented over 1000 electrical products, most of which we still use some form of today? It’s true! Most people are aware that Edison invented the first practical light bulb, and the phonograph record, but did you know that he invented the motion picture camera? He also invented switches, fuses, […]