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A little Principal love

We at Discovery Education love principals. We understand the critical nature of their role and their importance in school and student success. It’s why people like Jannita have helped developed more opportunities for these folks to connect and learn in the same ways we support our broader educational community. It’s with this in mind that

The Best of the Community on Twitter

I love the fact that teachers are sharing what’s going on in their classrooms with the Community via Twitter. When I sift through the @DiscoveryEd mentions in my TweetDeck, the images are fantastic. With this much sharing among each other, are teachers sharing with parents? I can count on one hand the number of pictures

The Best of the Community on Twitter

Last week, educators across North America had the chance to take their students on two adventures. The first was a celebration connected to Read Across America. Students experienced a live read aloud of the book Going Places from award-winning authors and illustrators Peter H. and Paul A. Reynolds. The live stream from the FableVision Studios

The Best of the Community on Twitter

Can you believe it’s March already? The Community continues to share the great things happening in classrooms across North America. This week, there’s a fantastic live event on Wednesday to celebrate Read Across America. (Hint: Canadians, Brits, anyone really can join and participate and benefit) It’d be great if the @DiscoveryEd twitter feed was blasted

The Best of the Community on Twitter

I hope you’ve been following this fun blog series to keep up with the awesome sharing members of the Community are doing. Last week, there was even a special Digital Learning Day edition! I’ve been happy to see so many smiling faces of students and teachers using digital media in the classroom. Many of the

The Best of the Community on Twitter – #DLD Edition

Discovery Education using teachers are doing great things in their classroom on a regular basis. Yesterday was Digital Learning Day and with an even greater emphasis on digital learning, teachers across the world were sharing the wonderful things their students were doing. The DE Community was no different with many educators posting pictures and videos

The Best of The Community on Twitter

2010 seems like a long time ago. In technology terms, it is. Chromebooks weren’t even invented yet but now, they are becoming more and more of a staple in education. In 2010, Discovery Ed’s Dean Shareski keynoted the K12 Online Conference. As the name implies, this conference is held completely online, giving educators the opportunity