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Virtual Conference 2010

Spring Virt Con 2010 Connect the Thoughts! Saturday, April 24, 2010 9 AM to 4 PM ET Cost?  FREE Register for the virtual sessions     Tennessee is not hosting a live event for the Virtual Conference this spring.  However, the beauty of a Virtual Conference is that you can attend virtually!  Here is a

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Visualizing One Trillion Dollars | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice Tags: trillion, visualizing, finance, economy, money Toolkit A-Z for Education (PTCweb2) Tags: web2.0, toolkit, tools, resources, a-z Time Zones Tags: time, zones Posted from Diigo. The rest of TN DEN LC group favorite links are here.

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“To Be or Not To Be…..That is the question.” In this case, are we educators organized with our resources and lessons or do they look like this desk? If not, permit me to introduce LiveBinders. LiveBinders is your virtual 3-ring binder to get organzied. In learning about this fantastic Web2.0 tool I was fortunate to

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Animation Library | Welcome Tags: animation, clipart, Graphics, animations, webdesign, powerpoint Teachit Timer Tags: timer, clock Math in Daily Life Tags: math, credit_cards, banking, career_ed, interactive, mathematics, maths Powerful free resource to support learning your times tables Tags: multiplication, math, smartboard, mathematics, Games, Maths Difference Between | Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects Tags: difference,

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Freeology – Free School Stuff Tags: resources, forms, worksheets Recycle old, broken crayons into fun new shapes | Chica and Jo Tags: no_tag Prezi Twitter Tools Include live tweets in your Prezi files Tags: Presentations, Networking, Collaboration=Telecollaboration – By Clif Mims Primary Pad Alternative to EtherPad “Primary Pad is a web-based word processor designed for

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Research Tools Tags: research, tools, copyright, toread Rent Textbooks : Texbook Rentals from BookRenter Tags: textbooks, rental, book, college Posted from Diigo. The rest of TN DEN LC group favorite links are here.