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What to do with Web 2.0 tools: VR apps

What to do with Web 2.0 tools: VR apps

Virtual Reality can take your students out of the classroom and into entirely new lands, environments and experiences — from global travel to outer space — and is primed to be the next big learning opportunity to integrate into the learning environment. Earlier in the year, we looked at the ‘New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and

Chat it up with Colleagues in the UK

“Every person is defined by the communities she belongs to.” Orson Scott Card A huge shout out from across the pond to Matt Haydon (@mrhaydon14) and the passionate and growing DEN UK Community for launching #UKDENchat. If you are looking for advice around instructional strategies, VR, networking, wall displays, seating charts for back-to-school, and pretty

Digital literacy tips & tricks: Literacy fundamentals part 2 — Reading

This is the second part of our short series of posts on literacy fundamentals. Catch up on part 1 — speaking & listening. In this post I’ll share some ideas for encouraging your students of different abilities to read. One of the aspects of the newspapers module, which is new to Discovery Education Espresso, is the fact that the printable

What to do with web 2.0 tools: Word clouds

At work I have a reputation for being a bit obsessed with word clouds. I do love them, but because I think they have great value in the classroom. If you’ve not encountered them before, I’m going to divide this post into word clouds that are created from prewritten text and those that are created

DfE update: Educational Excellence Everywhere

Educational Excellence Everywhere – a white paper from the Department for Education March 2016 The 128 page white paper from the DfE entitled Educational excellence everywhere, is described as setting out the Government’s vision for educational excellence. It goes on to state that ‘government will be disciplined in resisting the temptation to make additional requests’.