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STEM Strategies that Work – April 2017

STEM Strategies that Work – April 2017

STEM Culture is something that is developed over time through intentional strategies which highlight STEM careers, STEM skills, and the interconnectivity of the world around us all. Each month we are highlighting some of the strategies we see in classrooms from our DEN and STEM educators building pathways for their colleagues to implement a STEM culture.

#CelebrateWithDE – Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was an incredibly creative thinker, making him an inspiration for students interested in a variety of topics from physics to sculpture. Celebrate his birthday on April 15th by encouraging kids to dive into his theories, schematics, and inventions. We’ve selected some resources from Discovery Education to get you started, but you’ll find

#CelebratewithDE – National Library Week: Blog Post 2

There’s more! …Continue to #CelebratewithDE for National Library Week We’re still celebrating National Library Week and helping you find some of the best resources we have about the treasures you’ll find in your school’s media center. Libraries transform, so consider an extra visit to your library media center this week and use our content and

Discovery Education Monthly STEM Content Highlights – April

We are celebrating the 3rd rock from the Sun: the Earth! This month we are highlighting something very dear to us all and worth protecting for our future, the Earth. Earth Day 2017 is officially April 22nd; however, we challenge you to help your students take the next step and highlight our planet beyond just


Like what you see below? Join us for our webinar April 11. Learn more here. Guest Post by Rob Lamb TGR EDU: EXPLORE provides teachers, students, and families with valuable access to digital experiences, lessons, and training designed to support college preparation and high-quality STEM career paths. TGR EDU: COLLEGE BLUEPRINT The TGR EDU: COLLEGE BLUEPRINT

Accepted to #DENSI2017: Meet Jennifer Tatum

Accepted to #DENSI2017 Congratulations, Jennifer Tatum! @jennetatum 5th Grade Teacher, Fairview Elementary, Buncombe County Schools (NC) Jennifer is a DEN Ambassador who has been a media coordinator, classroom teacher, and professionally developed pre-service teachers. From Jennifer’s #DENSI2017 Application What skills and strengths will you bring to the DENSI experience? One strength I bring to DENSI is the desire

DEN Trend Report: 4/4/17

In this DEN Trend Report:
>TCS and Discovery Education Partner to Prepare One Million Students for 21st Century Careers
>Learning to Think Like a Computer
>5 Dos and Donts For a Chromebook Rollout
>4 Education Technology Trends That Are Redefining K-12
>Stunning: Teachers, students say little has really changed in education
>What Does Personalized Learning Mean for Teachers?
>The big 3: How access, achievement and advancement can close gaps
>Teachers Quit Principals, Not Schools
>State Ed-Tech Leader Sees New Demands for Modular, Organized Content

Content Showcase: April 2017

Discover amazing new resources and join us in celebrating our favorite holiday—Earth Day! Preview featured titles in DE Streaming and Techbook in the United States and Canada. Links to each program mentioned in the video are located below. Earth Day by SchoolMedia, Inc. Grades: K-2, 3-5, 6-8 U.S. Services – Canadian Services Real World Science: Trash and the Environment by Mazzarella

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April 2017: Celebrating Earth Day every day

Earth Day 2017’s campaign is Climate and Environmental Literacy, which they hope leads to student attainment of these literacies by 2020. The Earth Day Network site has a downloadable toolkit for educators who are planning an event, as well as a place to register their project and locate other projects in the area. The site also includes downloadable