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SOS: Collage

SOS: Collage

“Making predictions activates students’ prior knowledge about the text and helps them make connections between new information and what they already know.” (Teacher Vision) Additionally, when students make predictions they become engaged and invested in the material; they are excited and eager to see if they are right. Collage introduces a new concept to students in a way that will allow them to maintain engagement as they track predictions throughout a unit. It also provides the teacher an opportunity to monitor learning.

Lively Lessons: Advanced Science

Working on your weekly lesson plans? This Sunday blog series, Lively Lessons, will provide you with Discovery Education content and lesson plan ideas. The human genome contains more than three billion nucleotides! That’s a lot!   Are you looking for ways to challenge your science students? Look no further! A collection of titles from Howard

5 Ways to Use Discovery Education – October Edition

Monday marked our 9th 5 Ways to Use Discovery Education webinar.  Each month we are highlighting DEN Community members as they share five unique strategies, tools, or resources for using Discovery Education in your classroom. Brandon Wislocki & Kristen Davis kicked off the event by sharing their latest blog & video series called Get To Know Your Community. Listen

Teachers can win big this year with Doodle 4 Google!

The annual Doodle 4 Google contest has kicked off and is accepting submissions from students (K-12) through December 7, 2015. Get more information and enter a doodle here – For 2015, Discovery Education is excited to announce a new component of the Doodle 4 Google program. This year, Discovery Education and Google are hosting a teacher

Spotlight on Strategies Bulletin Board

We love seeing examples of how educators are sharing Discovery Education resources with others. Recently on the DEN Friends Facebook page, educator Heather Hurley shared a bulletin board she created to share the Spotlight on Strategies resources with her school staff. Heather shared “I’m always looking for new ways to bring engaging activities to my

Fluency and Mathematical Modeling

Watch the Archive The following list of tips for procedural fluency with mathematical modeling are based on ideas presented during the Connecting Conceptual Understanding and Procedural Fluency with Math Modeling webinar. Feel free to download and share these tips in the attached Fluency and Math Modeling PDF. Fluency has many parts. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Racing Extinction: Start With 1 Thing Virtual Field Trip

On Wednesday, December 2nd, Discovery Channel will present Racing Extinction to a global audience. From Academy Award-winning director, Louie Psihoyos, this groundbreaking documentary examines biodiversity loss, its effect on humanity, and the solutions that inspire hope for a more sustainable future. Discovery Education is proud to bring meaningful educational support around this documentary to engage