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Lively Lessons: Weather

Lively Lessons: Weather

Working on your weekly lesson plans? This Sunday blog series, Lively Lessons, will provide you with Discovery Education content and lesson plan ideas! The summer months bring extreme weather to many parts of North America. Help your students understand the types of extreme weather, its causes and how to measure it as you study weather in

DEN Community Member of the Week: Marita Diffenbaugh

Marita is a K-12 Instructional Technology Manager at Boise School District in Idaho. She has been using Discovery Education for 10 years. She shared “Most of my experience is using this in the classroom with my students. Having students in the content and productivity space with me was a game changer for understanding the power

iMake iLearn – Strawbees …. Making At Any Age

You know a product has great potential when it spans any age group.  This last week I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do the Tower Activity in the context of creativity and construction with both our educators and students in our summer school program. The Strawbees were donated by Strawbees directly to DENSI 2015

SOS: Summer Twist on Whittle It Down

The Whittle It Down strategy is designed to build summation skills by having students work independently, then work collaboratively as part of a small group, and finally collaborate as a whole class to ‘whittle down’ a list of vocabulary words that are most important to understanding the topic being studied. This final list is then used to compose a summary of the topic.

DEN Ambassador Program is Now Accepting District Applications!

Looking to build community at your school or district? Want to learn new instructional strategies for integrating digital media? Consider leading a group of educators in the DEN Ambassador Program. DEN Ambassadors are a passionate community of educators who believe in the power of digital media to transform teaching and learning. Each semester educators from