1. It’s as Easy as Pie!

    In the years that I’ve been associated with DEN, I’ve heard and read about these “things” called “webinars” offered by Discovery.  I had attended one “webinar”  presented at a workshop and the presenter was experiencing all kinds of problems. Not knowing what a webinar was, how to participate in one or how to deal with […]

  2. HUB’s Digital Storytelling Contest

    Hub for Teachers is offering a digital storytelling contest for students in grades K-5. Teachers will encourage students to work in groups of 2 -4. This is a great way to incorporate writing and digital storytelling into your curriculum and be eligible for great technology prizes at the same time.  Grand prize for the winning […]

  3. Exclusive STAR Promotion from MindMeister

    Originally posted on the National Blog by Lance Rougeux MindMeister brings the concept of mind mapping to the web, using its facilities for real-time collaboration to allow truly global brainstorming sessions. Users can create, manage and share mind maps online and access them anytime, from anywhere. In brainstorming mode, fellow MindMeisters from around the world (or […]

  4. Discovery Education goes live on the iPad!

    Originally posted on the National Blog by Steve Dembo Discovery Education revolutionized education almost ten years ago by being the first company to introduce streaming educational media into America’s classrooms. Now, we are revolutionizing education again by launching a new iPad-optimized version of our streaming platform, the only educational streaming service scientifically shown to improve […]

  5. Aviary Education

    Great News for DEN Stars and DEN readers!!!  Aviary Education…    …is creating a site just for educators!! Right now, this site is in BETA testing and is completely free to educators, and if I were you, I would ‘jump’ on the opportunity immediately! This BETA site is loaded with tutorials and the most amazing […]

  6. Resources for Personalizing your Instruction

    Teachers, we are out of the honeymoon phase with our students. You know, the phase where students listen intently and participate fully. Now that school feels routine, it is time to put your best teaching tools and tricks of the trade to work, so that your students will continue to give maximum effort.  Hopefully, you […]

  7. Streamathon 2010

    Mark your calendar!   Next Tuesday, September 14, 2010, is the 5th annual Discovery Education Streamathon.   Community Manager Steve Dembo, Discovery Educator Network Directors Justin Karkow and Matt Monjan, have put together 10 hours of information-packed sessions that will provide strategies for integrating digital content into your curriculum.   Join Online any time from […]

  8. Why I love Discovery Education!!

    Unfortunately, much to my dismay…this summer’s DEN Summer Institute was held during the same exact week that I was already scheduled to attend another event in Washington, D.C. You can only image how torn I was inside knowing that I was going to miss out on so much fun and amazing learning but here’s the […]

  9. Blog a phobic no more

    Hello everyone!  I’m a newbie to the Leadership Council for DEN 2010-11 and looking forward to a very rewarding year. First, I have a confession to make; I am a “Virgin Blogger.”   There I’ve let out one of my secrets. Yes, I am “blog-a-phobic.”  But with every school year I like to step out of […]

  10. Are You a STAR?

    Are you getting the most out of your DEN experience?  The best way to truly enjoy the benefits of membership is to become a STAR DEN member.  The process is easy and probably something you are already doing.  If you are wondering what is required to become a STAR or maintain your STAR status, read […]

  11. 2010-11 School Year Underway

    As the summer draws to an end, teachers have mixed emotions about the upcoming school year.  Some may feel dread that the summer is over and they did not accomplish all they hoped for, while others are excited about the possibilities of another set of minds to inspire.  Either way, the same questions run through […]

  12. Teacher's start your engines

    School will be here before you know it, so if you haven’t seen what Discovery Streaming is offering for the new school year, be sure to check out the summer school webinar selection called: Back to School with Discovery Education 2010. It airs several times including tomorrow at 1 and 3. This webinar  will get […]

  13. DEN Book Club Part 2

    DEN Book Club Part 2…. We are several weeks into the Book Club, reading the book ‘Wikinomics – How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything’ by Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams.  The reading of each chapter has brought a bigger understanding of how business entities need to change with the tide, or in a sense, change with […]

  14. Why Summer can make you a better Educator

    It is July, and I along with many other fellow teachers, am finally beginning to relax and enjoy the freedom of not teaching every day. However, with that freedom comes time to think and relax about the craft of teaching. Wow! What a privilege to have the time to reflect and consider new ideas that […]

  15. Lasting Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill

     Hopefully, some of you were able to catch today’s phenomenal webinar featuring Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, and Discovery Education Chief Spokesperson for Environmental Education.  Phillipe took students  and teachers to the Gulf through pictures and stories from his recent trip to evaluate the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill. He discussed […]

  16. Teacher Appreciation Week

    Hello Everyone… Happy Teacher Appreciation Week… Have you visited the DEN National blog to see what they are offering for the days teacher appreciation gift?  Yesterday was a Prezi Presentation (which can be viewed at http://community-beta.discoveryeducation.com/teacherappreciation/) while today they are giving away some special DE Streaming, Science, and other items…. Most school principals, PTA/PTO, or […]

  17. Take me out to the Virtual Conference

    Baseball in Florida is always a home run and so is the DEN’s virtual conference.  We are lucky that the Florida DEN has two live events for Saturday’s virtual conference,but Florida hit one out of the park with one of our own Den members. Lee Kolbert, will be presenting a great session on Saturday.  You […]

  18. Exciting things…

    Check out our very own Florida DENLC leader Lee Kolbert in this month’s t|h|e Journal. Visit the issue online. Don’t forget that Lee will be kicking off the Spring Virtual Conference on Saturday, April 24th. Don’t miss out, register now! Also, if you missed the Earth Day: Celebrating Our Past and Future Efforts to Conserve […]