1. YOU Can Change the World

    Do your students turn off the lights when they leave your classroom?  Is your cafeteria doing its best to recycle?  Do your school grounds need some help from weathering and erosion?  Do parents turn off their cars when they are awaiting students to be picked-up at the end of the day? These are the types […]

  2. MyPhysicsLab – Free Physics Simulations

        MyPhysicsLab is a free site that contains, you guessed it, physics lab simulations. They are simple and created in Java, but illustrate the physics concept quite well. They are organized into topics: springs, pendulums, combinations, collisions, roller coasters, molecules. There is also a section that explains how they work and the math/physics/programming behind creating […]

  3. Nature Works Everywhere – free resources for learning about nature’s factory

      Nature Works Everywhere is a great, free site from The Nature Conservancy and Discovery Education. The site has resources to help learn about how nature works and the fact that nature is a factory, making many of the things we need.       There is an interactive online game that helps students discover the connections […]

  4. 25 Free Resources from Discovery Education

    25 Free Resources from Discovery Education 1. New Teacher Survival Central – http://www.discoveryeducation.com/survival/index.cfm 2. Curiosity – explore and learn a variety of topics – http://curiosity.discovery.com/ 3. Clip Art Gallery – free clip art – http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/?pID=clipart 4. Energy Balance 101 – get and keep students healthy – http://energybalance101.com/ 5. The Road Ahead – energy lessons and […]

  5. Discovery Education Science TechBooks – great resource – more than an e-text

      Discovery Education has a lot of great resources for educators, many free (over 30). They also have fee-based services such as DE Streaming with thousands of videos, audio files, images, lesson plans, and much more.   One of their other resources that I have been using lately is the Discovery Education Science Techbook.   The Discovery Education Science […]

  6. Science Assessment Manager: Student View

    Recently, the Techbook Team took a look at the Science Assessment Manager and through educator feedback, rolled out a few new features.  If you are currently using the Science Assessments, this will be a welcome change.  The only way for you as the teacher to see the features, is by logging in as one of […]

  7. SCIcon 2012 In-Person Events

    We’re gearing up for the 3rd annual DEN SCIcon on Saturday, January 28th and hope you’ll join us either virtually or in one of the in-person events planned across the country. DEN SCIcon focuses on providing participants with some of the most effective strategies for transforming their science classes through the meaningful and effective integration […]

  8. DEN SCIcon 2012


    DEN SCIcon focuses on providing participants with some of the most effective strategies for transforming their science classes through the meaningful and effective integration of digital media content. Join thousands of educators from around the world for an amazing day of professional development sessions, networking and sharing. Register for the online sessions at: http://links.discoveryeducation.com/scicon2012 or […]

  9. Get Discovery Education Flash Content on your iPad

    by David Andrade, http://tinyurl.com/edtechguy     Discovery Education has a huge amount of great resources for educators, from videos to lesson plans to e-textbooks and more. Some of it is in Flash, so you can’t access it directly on your iOS device browser. However, iSwifter has partnered with Discovery Education to create Rover. Rover is an iPad […]

  10. STEM – description, ideas and resources for educators

    by David Andrade, http://tinyurl.com/edtechguy       STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a term that has become more and more popular lately as the federal government is pushing for improvements in student performance in these areas. The United States needs more students to enter these fields and, in general, the public needs to be […]

  11. Young Scientists take the stage!


    Step aside, American Idol! Hundreds applied. Ten finalists were picked. Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for– the final challenge! Join Discovery Education and 3M today as the 10 finalists compete for the prestigious title of America’s Top Young Scientist. In just a few hours the 10 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge […]

  12. “The Lab Report” is Here

    Welcome back to school!  This is such an exciting time for educators and students as you embark together on using the Discovery Education Science Techbook in your classrooms. We’re here to support you along this amazing journey. Our monthly Lab Report will provide you with quick updates, instructional strategies, best practices and professional development opportunities […]

  13. Science of Cooking – great resource to engage and excite students about science

    by David Andrade, http://tinyurl.com/edtechguy The Science of Cooking is a wonderful site from the Exploratorium that explores the science behind food and cooking. Categories include eggs, candy, spices, meat and more. Each category has information, resources, recipes and more and explores the science of the food idea and how cooking it affects it. It really is a fun […]

  14. Training Resources for Discovery Education tools and apps

    by David Andrade, http://tinyurl.com/edtechguy I found this great list of Discovery Education Training Resources on Jen Dorman’s blog (she is a DEN Account Manager). Most of the great resources Discovery Education has to offer for educators are listed here. Training Resources Discovery Educator Network Discovery Education streaming – Links to service overviews, demonstrations, and efficacy research Discovery Education streaming […]

  15. Free resources for emergency preparedness education and planning

    By David Andrade, http://tinyurl.com/edtechguy With all that’s happened in the world lately, between blizzards, floods, earthquakes, and tsunami’s, there should be a renewed focus on emergency preparedness. Most people do not have any emergency supplies or plans ready. Each household, business, and school should have an emergency plan, emergency kits and people trained in emergency […]