1. Tundra Connections: Join us Live from the Tundra


    Are you interested in taking your students to the tundra to observe polar bears?  Is that slightly out of your field trip budget?  Well, no worries.  We have once again joined forces with our friends at Polar Bears International® (PBI) to bring four incredible virtual field trips live to your desktop. Through PBI’s Tundra Connections® you’re invited […]

  2. Great FREE Resources from Discovery Education

    This is the presentation I did this past Saturday at the New England Day of Discovery, in Groton CT. There are some great, free resources from Discovery Education available that can help teachers, students, and parents. The content and design of these resources is excellent are are great resources to help students learn.     […]

  3. Techbook Times

    These are the Techbook times. So to help connect you with everything Techbook, we provide a monthly newsletter called, “Techbook Times”. Take a look at the September issue below.

  4. Want to Capitalize on Your Students’ Mars Curiosity?

    Discovery Education is always looking to stay on top of the latest developments and NASA’s successful landing of the Curiosity Rover is no exception.  Discovery Education has provided some great free for educators looking for ways to capitalize on their students’ Curiosity about Mars.  Check out the Destination Mars lesson plans for some great resources […]

  5. What’s Your Advice for Going Beyond the Textbook?

    There was a great article today on eSchool News about Albuquerque Public Schools’ transition from textbooks to the Discovery Education TECHBOOK.  Definitely worth a read – Albuquerque schools embrace ‘techbooks’ instead of textbooks. The article talked about some of the many benefits of this digital transition and also provided perspective from some educators about the challenges […]

  6. Welcome Back to School. Here are some Great Resources for All Educators

    Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a great summer and was able to relax and recharge. Our district starts with teacher professional development and classroom setup this coming Thursday, K-9 start next Tuesday, and 10-12 start Wednesday. The summer has flown by!   The beginning of the year is always a little crazy […]

  7. Easily Assign our Interactive Text

    If you’re just now settling into the new school year and logging into Discovery Education for the first time since the end of last school year, you may have noticed a few changes, especially in the Discovery Education Science Techbook.  One of the many great benefits of a digital textbook, is that it’s constantly being […]

  8. The DEN Welcomes 56 New STARS Using the DE Techbook

    The DEN is growing in leaps and bounds.  This month, over the course of two weeks, we welcomed 56 new STAR Educators who are ready, and willing to share with others how they use the DE Science Techbook. The Techbook Instructional Implementation team held two institutes, one in Texas and one in Florida, with the […]

  9. Intriguing Students through the DE Techbook

    I just completed my first week of integrating the DE Science Techbook with a group of STEM middle school students, through  UW- Marshfield/ Wood County Continuing Education, who wanted to explore the wonders of weather, delving into how tornadoes and hurricanes gain their destructive potential. Now, I am a math teacher who integrates science and […]

  10. Wonderville – awesome, fun, educational science resources

      Wonderville is a great, free site I just learned about from an article in Tech & Learning magazine. Wonderville is an award winning site that has interactive science activities that are fun and educational. There are over 30 games on Wonderville that help students learn about science while having fun. There are also puzzles, activity sheets and crosswords, videos exploring […]

  11. Nature Works Everywhere – free resources for learning about nature’s factory

      Nature Works Everywhere is a great, free site from The Nature Conservancy and Discovery Education. The site has resources to help learn about how nature works and the fact that nature is a factory, making many of the things we need.       There is an interactive online game that helps students discover the connections […]

  12. Lists, Descriptions and Training Resources for Using Discovery Education resources

    Discovery Education has tons of resources, programs and applications for educators. How do you find it all and learn how to use them? The Discovery Educator Network and this blog is one way. Here are some more ways: Training Resources for Discovery Education Tools and Apps:  http://goo.gl/usJsd – lots of great resources, tips, help and more. […]

  13. The March iPad 2 Winner is…

    We are thrilled to announce Anna Heffernan, from Center School District in Missouri, as the winner of the March Scavenger Hunt for STAR Techbook access. Anna will be receiving an iPad 2 from Discovery Education in the next week, but the contest does not end with March. The final chance to win an iPad 2 […]

  14. 10 Essential Educational Resources for Teachers – my list

      I just read an article at Edudemic entitiled “20 Must-Have Educational Resources For All Teachers“. In this article, the author writes about the devices and web-resources that he feels are must have’s for education. In it, he challenges the readers to create their own list too. I agree with much of his list, but […]

  15. 25 Free Resources from Discovery Education

    25 Free Resources from Discovery Education 1. New Teacher Survival Central – http://www.discoveryeducation.com/survival/index.cfm 2. Curiosity – explore and learn a variety of topics – http://curiosity.discovery.com/ 3. Clip Art Gallery – free clip art – http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/?pID=clipart 4. Energy Balance 101 – get and keep students healthy – http://energybalance101.com/ 5. The Road Ahead – energy lessons and […]

  16. Seasonal Science Stream Lesson Plan Webinar: Mars Madness, A Lesson on the Eath, Moon and Solar System Archive

    Each month the Techbook Instructional Implementation team brings you the Seasonal Science Stream, a live broadcast of classroom activities, demonstrations and digital resources. We precede the Live Stream with a Lesson Plan Webinar. This month’s topic is the Earth, Moon and Solar System. The lesson plans can be found on our Seasonal Science Stream wiki, […]

  17. NCIS Star Promotes Science, Engineering and Technology

    Pauley Perrette is probably one of the COOLEST television scientists around in her role as Abby on NCIS. It is awesome that she has connected herself to this campaign. This spot is an awesome way to send the message to EVERYONE about the importance of Science Engineering and Technology education. To find out more about […]

  18. Calling the Curious

    NASA’s sites are great resources for the classroom, and many are targeted for younger students.  But my favorite one is the Astronomy Picture of the Day, http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html.  For the truly curious among us, the APOD archive offers a chance to browse previous daily posts, finding topics of which we may not have even been aware.  […]

  19. Heart Hubub…. February Seasonal Science Stream Archive

    If you missed us broadcasting live last week from Franklin LA you can still catch the Seasonal Science Stream by viewing the archive.  Each month the Discovery Education Techbook Instructional Implementation team brings you a two part, media infused lesson for your classroom.  Visit http://deseasonalsciencestreams.wikispaces.com/ for archives of past lesson plans and live streams.  Join […]

  20. DoD in Kalamazoo, Michigan

    On Saturday February 17, 2012 a Day of Discovery was hosted in Kalamazoo, Michigan. A number of teachers and educators were attendance to learn about Data Driven Instruction, differentiated instruction, web 2.0 tools and the Discovery Education Science Techbook. Participants were also given an opportunity to learn about additional topics of their choice through the […]

  21. Discovery Education Science TechBooks – great resource – more than an e-text

      Discovery Education has a lot of great resources for educators, many free (over 30). They also have fee-based services such as DE Streaming with thousands of videos, audio files, images, lesson plans, and much more.   One of their other resources that I have been using lately is the Discovery Education Science Techbook.   The Discovery Education Science […]