1. A few of our favorite (Discovery) things: Pt. 2

    Welcome to the second article in a series written by the Discovery Educator Network’s Blog and Social Media Team! In this series, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Discovery Series and how we’re using them in classrooms. As an avid fan of Discovery Education content, I frequently browse for resources as a hobby. I […]

  2. North America Live on Discovery Channel & Discovery Education

    If you enjoyed Planet Earth, Life, and Frozen Planet get ready for this new series from the Discovery Channel by engaging your students with a number of opportunities from Discovery Education. Take advantage of the special CD/DVD just for STAR Discovery Educators that includes an episode of North America and several songs from the soundtrack. See Chad’s Teacher […]

  3. Discovery Education Sneak Peek! See What’s Next!

    DE Polar Bear

    Be the first to get a look at upcoming enhancements to Discovery Education! This sneak peek will showcase integration strategies for leveraging new tools, content, and resources, including Discovery Education Student Board Builder and the new Discovery Education Streaming Plus with model lessons, assessments, and digital content designed to address specific Math and ELA Common […]

  4. Discovery Education Sneak Peek Webinar Series

    Be the first to get a look at upcoming enhancements to Discovery Education! This sneak peek will showcase integration strategies for leveraging new tools, content, and resources, including Discovery Education Student Board Builder and the new Discovery Education Streaming Plus with model lessons, assessments, and digital content designed to address specific Math and ELA Common […]

  5. I Am a Logophile

    A logophile is a lover of words (http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/logophile).   That is definitely me and it is not coincidence that I love to read also.   Vocabulary and reading certainly go together and help strengthen each other.  So what are some ways to strengthen vocabulary?  Here are a few ideas: Discovery Streaming includes vocabulary development as […]

  6. Sneak Peek Webinar Series in May


      Be the first to get a look at back-to-school updates to Discovery Education resources! You’ve asked for it, and we’ve listened: get a sneak peek at the exciting changes we’re making to Discovery Education this summer, and find out how we’re going mobile, social, and adding even more functionality for you and your students. […]

  7. 25 Free Resources from Discovery Education

    25 Free Resources from Discovery Education 1. New Teacher Survival Central – http://www.discoveryeducation.com/survival/index.cfm 2. Curiosity – explore and learn a variety of topics – http://curiosity.discovery.com/ 3. Clip Art Gallery – free clip art – http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/?pID=clipart 4. Energy Balance 101 – get and keep students healthy – http://energybalance101.com/ 5. The Road Ahead – energy lessons and […]

  8. The Third Podcast

    Let me just say first that I’m not very bright. I recorded this podcast over a week ago and when I imported it into Audacity for a little post production (by “a little” I mean very little) it somehow only recorded my voice. Thinking the recording was pooched I left it and apologized to Steve […]

  9. Get Discovery Education Flash Content on your iPad

    by David Andrade, http://tinyurl.com/edtechguy     Discovery Education has a huge amount of great resources for educators, from videos to lesson plans to e-textbooks and more. Some of it is in Flash, so you can’t access it directly on your iOS device browser. However, iSwifter has partnered with Discovery Education to create Rover. Rover is an iPad […]

  10. Welcome to a New School Year — with Discovery!

    “I care not what subject is taught, if only it be taught well.” – T.H.Huxley Whatever subject you teach Discovery and the DEN can help you teach it well. Here are a few back-to-school reminders for using this great resource this year! Make use of My Content, across the campus or district to share content […]

  11. Discovery Education Canada: Back-to-School 2011 Webinar Series

    Join us for the Discovery Education Canada Back-to-School 2011 Webinar series as we explore the basics of Discovery Education STREAMING, join in the Discovery Education STREAMATHON, build upon 50 more ways to utilize digital media, and create digital stories with Discovery Education. Register today http://links.discoveryeducation.com/CanadaBTS2011 All times listed are Eastern Time. Discovery Education STREAMING: Back […]

  12. The DEN Back to School Membership Season has begun!


    The Discovery Educator Network Back to School Membership Season has begun!   Show your Discovery Education Team Spirit and win prizes by reporting events that reflect active use of Discovery Education curricular tools and resources and active participation in the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). Visit http://links.discoveryeducation.com/DENbts2011 Register and start reporting points today! Here’s How You […]

  13. 5. Discovery Streaming and….

    The Holidays! As the winter break draws nearer, have you found that the students are less attentive than usual?   Discovery Streaming has items to help! First, some holiday title suggestions from the catalog:  The Magic School Bus: Holiday Special — grades 2 – 4 Christmas Tales from Foreign Lands (various titles in series) – grades […]

  14. Want to Shape the Future of Ed Tech?

    We want to hear from you. Discuss the future of Discovery Education streaming in one-on-one feedback sessions.  Each session will last approximately one hour. If you are interested in volunteering please send your name, school district, subjects/grades that you teach and time slot that you are interested in to Shelley Santora Jones Thursday, February 12th […]


     Middle School Students Can Enter for the Chance to Win $50,000 in U.S. Savings Bonds Do you know a middle school student who is eager to explore the wonders of science?  Discovery Education and 3M announce a call for entries in the 2009 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge (YSC), the nation’s premier science competition […]

  16. The First Digital President

    Yesterday the world watched as our nation’s 44th President was sworn into duty! On his way to the office, President Obama utilized a huge a variety of 21st century tools – including things like Twitter, blogs, Facebook, texting, and more – to mobilize his base and get his message out. During his campaign he stated, […]

  17. Help, I need somebody!

    The Beatles aren’t the only ones that can sing about getting help. Today I’d like to sing the praises of the DE streaming help page.  If you haven’t checked out this page I encourage you to give it a look-see.  Once there you’ll see three tabs.  The first tab, “Most Recent”  includes the most recent […]

  18. We Can Change The World – Final Call for Registrations!

      The March 15 Deadline for Entries Quickly Approaching!  And we’re hosting January Webinars to Help Adult Advisers Engage Students in Sustainability  Now in the final months for entries, the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge is encouraging middle school students across the United States to kick off 2009 by “going green” and implementing […]

  19. CDW-G and Discovery Education Open Win a Wireless Lab 2009 Sweepstakes!

    Five Winning Schools Given the Opportunity to Expand Educational Technology and Learning Resources for Students and Teachers   VERNON HILLS, Ill., and SILVER SPRING, Md. – January 5, 2009 – CDW Government, Inc. (CDW-G), a wholly owned subsidiary of CDW Corporation and leading source of Information Technology (IT) solutions to educators and governments, and Discovery […]

  20. Discovery Education Interactive Atlas – Now in full screen!

    Did you know that you can now enlarge the Discovery Atlas videos to full screen?  You can – and it is super easy. First you’ll need to find the Discovery Education Interactive Atlas. To find the atlas log into Discovery Education streaming  and then click on the “Teacher Center.”  Next, click on the “Discovery Education Atlas” […]