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Lively Lessons: Community

Lively Lessons: Community

Community building is an important part of any back to school lesson plan. Communities can be large or small, consisting of any group of people who have something in common. They may include the residents of a town, the members of an ethnic or religious group, or the students who attend classes together, among other

Lively Lessons: Mythbuster’s Virtual Lab

This week’s lively lesson features an idea shared by DEN Educator Dacia Jones, a science specialist from Durham, North Carolina. Lively Lesson Idea: Use your favorite Mythbusters episode as a virtual teaching lab. Example: When teaching force and motion; use the Toy Car -vs- Real Car episode. Set up a leaf blower and toy track

Lively Lessons: ELL Resources

Several new titles from Visual Classroom have been added to Discovery Education Streaming to support ELL students. Each program from the English Language Learner Series targets grades K-2 or 3-5, is available in English and Spanish, and comes complete with a teacher’s guide. Each episode highlights specific vocabulary and presents words in conjunction with animated illustrations. Repetition is used to

Lively Lessons: Independence Day

This week, citizens across Canada and the United States celebrate their respective Independence Day. The Constitution Act, 1867 united the British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a single nation called Canada. Each year on July 1, parades, firework displays, barbecues, and celebrations are held in honor of Canada Day.

Lively Lessons: Interactive Resources

In addition to videos, images and audio files, there are over 400 interactive resources in Discovery Education Streaming, and even more in the Techbooks. Interactives include explorations, games, fun-damentals, interactive maps, and skillbuilders. This group of resources allows students to take a virtual field trip, practice math facts, explore scientific processes and practice mapping skills.

Lively Lessons: Listen Up!

Students (and adults!) often have their ears plugged with earbud headphones everywhere they go- from they gym, to the morning commute and even as they drift off to sleep. More often than not they’re listening to music but quickly podcasts and audio books have gained in popularity. Podcasts are an engaging way to hear a

Lively Lesson: How It’s Made

On Science Channel’s How It’s Made you see how products are put together. Log in and search Discovery Education for “How It’s Made” for exclusive access to these videos- from well known items like brushes, pretzels, crayons, batteries and fabric to less common items like tools, helicopters, solar panels and hearing aids.   Students are often curious about

Lively Lessons: Nepal Earthquake

The recent earthquakes in Nepal have sparked countless conversations across the world. Strong earthquakes have the power to destroy a city’s infrastructure and, even more importantly, put entire populations at risk. Introduce the concept of earthquakes by showing the video segments Earthquake and Nepal: Help Needed to the class. In order to help students understand