1. 4/22 at 1pm Virtual Event for Students: STEM is Now, STEM is How

    Siemens STEM Connect: STEM is Now, STEM is How We often hear of amazing things happening in STEM classrooms across the country. And, we’re often asked to share these exemplars to provide guidance in achieving a shared STEM education vision. Join our live webcast to see one vision of a STEM program.   Tuesday, April […]

  2. “Cell Phone Tricks and Treats” – DEN Fall Virtual Conference

    On October 19, 2013, Discovery Education again wowed us with their full day of presentations, 23 in all. Since it was impossible to participate in all the events, all presentations have been archived and are available at http://www.discoveryeducation.com/community/den-fall-virtcon-archive.cfm I know many of us intend to go back and view some that we missed, but with […]

  3. YOU Can Change the World

    Do your students turn off the lights when they leave your classroom?  Is your cafeteria doing its best to recycle?  Do your school grounds need some help from weathering and erosion?  Do parents turn off their cars when they are awaiting students to be picked-up at the end of the day? These are the types […]

  4. More from Discovery Education’s YouTube Channel

    Discovery Education and the DEN are great organizations.  Each year, the DEN hosts two Virtual Conferences, one in spring and one in fall.  These free, one day events allow educators to listen to and interact with presentations from members of the DEN Team, DEN Gurus, and other special guests.  These are live, real time events, […]

  5. Streamathon 2011 Archives

    Here are the archives from the 6th annual streamathon. Enjoy! Just click on the title to be taken to the video. Bend it, Break it, Bust it Loose: 10 easy ways Discovery Education STREAMING can change the way you teach Matt Monjan Jim Morrison once encouraged his fan base to “break on through to the […]

  6. Using Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK To Promote Literacy in ANY Classroom.

    Educators all across the nation are unearthing the power of Discovery Education when it comes to promoting literacy skills.  When it comes to science education, literacy skills play an important role in developing the “scientifically” literate learner.  This webinar highlights ways to use a variety of Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK resources to enhance such skills […]

  7. DEN Summer School 2011 Archives


      DEN Summer School was August 1-4. Here are the archives. Just click on the session title.   Monday 11am EDT Intro to Digital Storytelling Lindsay Hopkins, Discovery Education This session introduces attendees to the basics of Digital Storytelling and demonstrates simple ways of using the Digital Story format to create and publish. Resources: Click […]

  8. The Needed Virus

    Tuesday night, Learning.com graciously sponsored “The Needed Virus” webinar featuring our very own, self-proclaimed DEN Princess, Porter Palmer. In case you missed it live, here it is. But first… the enticing description! The rapidly changing needs of the business world demand rapid changes in the way we teach students. Restructuring of teacher workdays and budget […]

  9. Archive: iLearn with iPads

    One of the highlights from the DEN precon at PETE&C 2011 was Kyle’s session, iLearn with iPads. During the presentation, he focused in on iPads in education, including the numerous ways in which you can use DE content on the iPad. He does a fantastic job of breaking it down into bite sized chunks and […]

  10. Webinar Archive: Save the Sticks, Save the Bottles, Save the World

    Last night’s webinar featured the 2010 winner of the Elmer’s Glue Crew Challenge, Alexandra Dexheimer.  I’ve been on many a webinar these last few years, but rarely have I seen a more active group of attendees, soaking up the information Alexandra was sharing and adding their own experiences to the conversation.  It was a wonderful […]

  11. SciCon Archives

    You want archives from this year’s SciCon?  You got ‘em!  Visit the SciCon 2011 page to view archives from three of the sessions as well as Reed Timmer’s closing presentation (embedded below). Did you attend this year’s SciCon?  If so, what were your takeaways from the day?  Have you tried anything you heard in the […]

  12. Shatter the Myths Webinar Archive

    Where do your students get their information about drugs – their friends – the Internet? Is this information reliable? Confused about the effects of marijuana and prescription drugs? Some reports say they are bad for you while others say they can help cure an individual. Learn the facts from Dr. Susan Weiss and shatter some […]

  13. Investigation Discovery Presents Sara Paretsky

    In 1982,  Sara Paretsky revolutionized the mystery world when she created female investigator, V.I. Warshawski. V.I. uses her wits… and her fists to make her way in life. With the creation of V.I., Paretsky challenged a genre in which women typically were either presented as vamps or victims. Not only has Paretsky’s own work broken […]

  14. Virtual Conference Archives posted!

    Six hours worth of fantastic professional development have now been converted and posted!  You’ll find sessions from Gail Lovely, Hall Davidson, Kyle Schutt, Porter Palmer, Whitney Mihoulidies, and Steve Dembo, all available for viewing online or download. Did you attend the Virtual Conference?  If so, share a highlight or two from the event in the […]

  15. Energy Balance 101 with Shannon Miller Archive

    In case you missed it! Olympic gold medal gymnast Shannon Miller joined us Thursday Oct. 21  for a webinar on Energy Balance 101. The most decorated American gymnast in history inspired attendees to embrace a healthy active lifestyle and encourage their students to do the same. Here’s the archive: This engaging new curriculum, jointly developed […]

  16. Energy Balance 101

    Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation just announced the launch of a new online curriculum powered by Discovery Education. Promoting ways to help young people achieve a healthy weight through energy balance – calories in and calories out – this curriculum is now available at no cost to educators at www.energybalance101.com This engaging new curriculum, jointly developed […]

  17. Microblogs and EDU – Making the Most of 140 Characters

    What’s a Tweet and why should you care? And what does that really have to do with education? Jeff O’Hara, the founder of the educational social network Edmodo, takes us through a history of microblogging and shares his perspective regarding why it is significant to educators and students. Then we take a deeper dive into […]