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  1. It's a Wrap! Campfire Chat

    Several educators gathered around the DEN in SL campfire to just chat and share tonight. We even roasted virtual marshmellos!  There were questions about copyright, discussions about how to handle keeping the computers clean from germs. Of course there was some venting on budget cuts, not enough time, how to help teachers take risks. We […]

  2. It's a Wrap – Informal Chat Session

    Wednesday evening, August 12, an informal chat session was held at DEN in SL (2DP) for newbie questions, or DEN related questions, or anything anyone wanted to share. Six educators stopped by to discuss a variety of topics from how to create a sign in SL to technology integration practices and frustrations to revamping technology […]

  3. Presentation Possibility – Celebrating Environmental Education (ISTE)

    I just received this e-mail from ISTE and thought I would pass it along to our members. EVENT: Celebrating Environmental Education! LOCATION: ISTE Island, Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ISTE%20Island/94/84/31 DATE: April 23rd (the day after Earth Day) TIME: 5:30p.m.-7 p.m. SLT     ISTE and HP are collaborating on a special celebration of Earth Week on April 23rd. […]

  4. It's A Wrap – The Virtual Pioneers- Exploring History Through Virtual Worlds

    Wowie kazowie! If you weren’t able to join us last night, you missed a great presentation that included field trips to places in Second Life that I have never seen before. Spiff Whitfield introduced many of us to The Virtual Pioneers. They are a group located on sim Lighthouse Learning in the Wnyric building. They […]

  5. Dive Into Shark Week with the DEN in SL

    Take a bite out of Shark Week. Don’t miss an episode! We are very excited about Shark Week and have planned several activities at the DEN in SL. http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/sharkweek/sharkweek.html What do Whale Sharks, Hammerheads, Mako Sharks and teachers have in common? They can all be seen at the DEN in Second Life “Swim with Sharks […]

  6. The Oscars Came to DEN in SL

    Riptide has been itching to do another Trivia Game Gathering and even though there is one planned for March, I had this feeling that Rip wanted to do something sooner.  Well, sure enough.  In less than 24 hours, Riptide managed to gather enough questions and answers relating to movies which won the Best Pictures category.  […]

  7. Thankful for….

    We’d love to know what our DEN members are ‘Thankful for…’ so we’ve created an activity whereby you will work on your SL skills and at the same time share the things you are thankful for.  From November 1st – 15th, we ask that you create a PowerPoint slide (saved as a .jpeg) depicting what […]