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Fun Fact Friday: Fishing Pole Fish

Fun Fact Friday: Fishing Pole Fish

(Photo by Theodore Pietsch) Did you know that some fish have a built-in “fishing pole” on the top of their head, that they use to lure in other fish? It’s true! Angler-fish are typically spiny or bony, with teeth that are angled inward, almost like a trap. They have a long appendage on the top


Fun Fact Friday: Sharks

PHOTO CREDIT: TERRY GROSS Did you know that sharks don’t get cavities? It’s true! It’s Shark Week, the perfect time to highlight some fun facts about sharks! Shark teeth are actually coated in flouride. Some species of shark have a pecking order, and eat from smallest to largest. Sharks can track their prey by its


Fun Fact Friday: One Adorable Octopus

(Photo: MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM RESEARCH INSTITUTE) Did you know that scientists have recently discovered what they believe to be a new species of octopus, and it’s so cute that they’re seriously considering naming it Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis? It’s true! This adorable little lady, whose webbed tentacles make it appear almost as if she’s wearing a skirt,