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Calendar of Cool: Pablo Picasso’s First Art Exhibition

Calendar of Cool: Pablo Picasso’s First Art Exhibition

On June 24, 1901, the first exhibition by Pablo Picasso was held at the gallery of Ambroise Vollard. At this time, Picasso was only 20 years old, but had been producing stunning works of art since a very young age. His father was determined that Picasso should become a great artist and achieve the artistic success

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Calendar of Cool: Vincent van Gogh Born!

Born on March 30 near Brabant, Holland, Vincent van Gogh is equally known for the swirling brushwork of his paintings and for his battles with mental health problems. Van Gogh worked as an art dealer, a teacher, and a missionary without much success. Supported by his devoted younger brother Theo, he went to Paris to

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Celebrate Art!

March is Youth Art Month!  Celebrate and teach your students about art using the over 526 videos and resources provided by Discovery Education. Teach students to think critically about what art is, learn about the contributions of past and present artists, and help them connect with their inner artist. The following are other sites that


An Interactive Starry Night

You may have already seen this awesome interactive version of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, but it’s beautiful and worth a re-run. This was created by Petros Vrellis, who credits the software openFrameworks for allowing this to be possible. According to their website openFrameworks is an open source C++ tookit for creative coding. Be sure to have