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Using DE survey

Jennifer Dorman from the Pennsylvania DEN is conducting a survey to see how teachers use DE’s resources for teaching the Civil War. Do you use one of the over 360 resources on DE for teaching the Civil War in your classroom? Or do you know another teacher who uses them? You can use the form

Don't forget about your lonely bookmarks

I pretty much have two main ways I bookmark things. I use Diigo (like Delicious, but better) for most things that I want to save and categorize.  These are things that I may not need every day, I may need from multiple computers, I want to share with others or I may need to search

Some links to Keep You Busy

These come via Twitter courtesy of DEN member Fred Delventhal.  If I had to follow one ed tech leader on Twitter I think Fred would be the one. Check out his blog here. Some of the latest: Google Apps Tips 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks Ways to Exhibit Student Art on the Internet

Best Practices

I keep thinking of some of the general guidelines I try to follow on a daily basis in my classroom; particularly things of educational technology relevance. What pitfalls do teachers want to stay away from when using tech? What things do we want to make sure we do consistently when using tech? How can we

1st Graders Use Digital Storytelling to Say "We're Good Readers"

Everyone has to check out the website listed below. Linda Foote of Poway Unified School District, has been hard at work teaching her educators why creating digital story telling is important and how to do it! Want to be impressed…. Go to this website (http://powayusd.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/projects/edtechcentral/DigitalStorytelling/default.htm) and scroll down to "Good Readers" click and be patient as

Let the Podcasting Begin

Okay… give me this moment to be so proud… DEN member Ray and I have been trying out podcasting and he just sent me a link to his first Podcasts done by his students!  I really enjoyed listening to what his kids had to share… one student has over 800 people in her family… another