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70 Years Ago, Today

70 Years Ago, Today

If you noticed Discovery airing programing like Schindler’s List and other holocaust related content over the past week, it’s no coincidence.  Today Discovery Communications is honoring International Holocaust Remembrance Day – which this year marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Last week, Joe posted a number of resources for teaching about the

Old School?

What do you consider “old school”?  I have to admit that for me it conjures memories of Ms. Pansy Taylor in 2nd grade who bent our hands back to smack them with a ruler at the least provocation. **shudder**  Thankfully that isn’t common anymore! It comes to mind because we commonly hear different uses of the

Discovery Educator Network – a great resource for any educator!

    This week is Open House Week at the DEN, so I decided to share what I like about the DEN. Discovery Education is an excellent resource for educators. They have great fee-based products (Streaming, Assessment, Science and more) and over 30 free resources available for educators. The Discovery Educator Network is also a great resource for educators where

DEN Open House – “My Introduction to the DEN”

My first official DEN event was in June 2008 at the Colorado Technology in Education Conference.  Discovery Education was hosting an “Evening with the Stars.”  My friend Gwynn and I signed up because we love Discovery Channel and we thought it was going to be a stargazing event. The Colorado TIE Conference is held at

Flipping the classroom

Two Science teachers wrote a piece for eSchool News on the flipped classroom.  You can read the article HERE, titled The Truth About Flipped Learning.  Several assumptions and misconceptions about flipped learning are identified. In recent months, a lot of attention has been paid to flipping the classroom.  Thanks largely due to Sal Khan and