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Climber rappelling off an over hanging ice. (Getty AKA: 159755045)

Content Showcase: World Travel

Content Showcase: World Travel

Discovery Education’s Content Team is proud to bring to you the second installment of a new video blog series, Content Showcase! Each month we will highlight recently added video related to a timely theme. With spring in full swing and summer just on the horizon, May’s Content Showcase connects new programs from the Genuine Picture, Inc.,

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Apps Smackdown

At the recent Halifax, Nova Scotia 21st Century Learners conference, a number of iPad apps were presented.  The genre of these apps ranged from photos, creativity, organizational and learning. All the apps mentioned were free.  Some do have an upgrade if you choose to buy it. The photo and movie apps include:  iMotion, Haiku Deck, 

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Students as Teachers

I recently presented at a conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia where two 6th grade students were attending as IT helpers.  It soon was apparent that they were much more than that. These students loaded the iPads with apps that were needed for the presentations.  They also were trouble shooters. When a teacher could not get

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Administration Support

Submitted by Rita Mortenson Every teacher knows that the support of the administration (in terms of time, money, attention and recognition) can make or break any innovative idea or initiative that anyone tries to initiate in a school setting. Today, I was fortunate to witness two amazing administrators at Bedford South School, part of the Halifax

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The Importance and Seriousness of Silly: Dean Shareski at 2012 Social Learning Summit

Presenting from Fredriction, New Brunswick, Canada, Dean Shareski, featured presenter and Discovery Educator Network Community Manager explores the importance and necessity of being social and the increasing blurring of professional and personal. An important question with a divided answer, Dean asks how the use of Twitter, Facebook, and blogs impact professional learning in a social