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  1. Connected Educator Month Isn’t Over Yet!

    As you know, August is Connected Educator Month.  The DEN has participated in several ways, including our Collective Brain Webinars.  If you missed one of the sessions, you can find archives here, here, and here.  Stay tuned for information about our DEN Open House – details will be shared later this week. In the meantime, […]

  2. We Can’t Get Enough!

    More and more tips are being shared by DEN Members and we couldn’t be happier.  If you haven’t heard, we’ve extended our promotion through September!  We still have premium subscriptions to PhotoPeach for DEN members who submit a tip!  This is a great chance for you to share your knowledge with the world! Here are […]

  3. Is 200 A Lot?

    Do you think the number 200 is a lot?  In pennies, maybe not.  In worms, yes.  In grains of sand, no.  In Back to School tips?  Of course!  Our Back to School promotion with PhotoPeach has had almost 200 DEN members submit at least one tip.  Are you one of them?  If you’re not, it’s […]

  4. Leadership Week – Connected Educator Month

    Are you working in a “21st Century School or District?”  Maybe you are, maybe you’re not, but either way, you may want to check out the timely session below that kicks off Leadership Week for Connected Educator Month. Leadership Week Kickoff:  Ed21, Ken Kay LIVE 3 PM ET Today Ken Kay, Valerie Greenhill, and Ed21 […]

  5. Even More Back to School Tips from the DEN

    If you’ve been following along, you’re aware of our Back to School promotion with our friends at PhotoPeach.  The responses from members of the DEN Community have been awesome and we hope more come in!  If you’re interested in a premium subscription from PhotoPeach, there’s still time – share your favorite back to school tips […]

  6. More Back to School Tips from the DEN

    Our Back to School promotion with PhotoPeach continues and we’ve got a few more tips and tricks to share.  Recently, we shared some tips from the “Getting Ready” category of our promotion.  This time around, we having some tips from another category.  If you haven’t submitted your favorite back to school tips and tricks yet, you should […]

  7. Back to School Tips from the DEN

    Our Back to School promotion with PhotoPeach is off to a great start.  DEN members across the continent have been sharing their favorite tips and tricks.  The promotion runs through August 24th and we’ll share the entire list of responses with the community, but as entries come in, we thought it would be great to […]

  8. Upcoming Activities for Connected Educator Month

    The first full week of Connected Educator Month has begun and the learning possibilities continue.  Here are a few highlights occurring during the next couple of days. **August 7th, 7 pm EST – Discovery Education’s Collective Brain webinar.  Explore the latest, greatest, and most effective resources shared by STAR educators and members of the Discovery […]

  9. Connected Educator Month

    August is Connected Educator Month (CEM) and if you’re looking for ways to become more knowledgeable, more connected, and simply learn more, this is the time – every day, for free, online.  Throughout the month, there will be activities and presentations for you on a variety of topics.  The DEN is participating in CEM with […]