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Discovery Education in Action: Delonta Davis

Discovery Education in Action: Delonta Davis

Background: BS- Sociology Bowie State University; Graduate Certificate- Instructional Technology University of Maryland University College Name: Instructor Delonta Antonio Davis Role/School: 5th Grade math, science, STEM teacher; Technology Coordinator; Grade 5 Chair Subjects/Grades Taught: Math/Science/Health/ Computer Technology How did you find yourself in teaching? I knew from a very early age that I wanted to


Want Discovery Education to Visit Your Classroom?

We are looking for community members (i.e., YOU!) who are willing to open the doors to their classrooms (literally) to show what Discovery Education looks like in action in a classroom! If you are interested in showcasing the great work you are doing with your students, please express interest by completing our form.   Fill


The Book Was Better….

Movies that are based on best-selling books are not a new thing. It’s proven to be a popular and enduring practice since Hollywood’s golden age and the film industry counts on the popularity of the book to pull in viewers for the movie adaptation. However, many people do realize that there can be significant differences


An iPad for Every Classroom

With the advent of the iPad and other tablet computing devices, the physical textbook’s days are seemingly numbered. The iPad offers the ability to store multiple digital textbooks and resources on a single, portable device. Not only are these resources concentrated in one place and easily accessibly, the actual cost of holding these textbooks on


Do you think, “The Classroom Is Obsolete: It’s Time for Something New”?

As I read the following article by Prakash Nair from Education Week, it began to make me wonder just where are we in education. Are we limiting our students’ growth and learning experience? Will technology change the obsolete classroom? Is there a need for those four walls? Can public education handle a transformation such as