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Pupil using Discovery Education Coding in class

Challenging your pupils with Free Code in Discovery Education Coding

Challenging your pupils with Free Code in Discovery Education Coding

This is a guest post from Max Wainewright, a big thank you to Max for contributing to our community blog. To find out more about Max, please see his bio at the end of the blog post.   Recently I was lucky enough to hear Phil Bagge talking about teaching coding. One of the things

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Computing in the Classroom – Linking on and offline

The objectives in the curriculum specify that students learn coding – coding being a language that is needed to program computers.Alongside teaching coding and the terminology that goes with it, is understanding computational thinking and how this relates to coding.The first blog post under this category of Computing in the classroom focussed purely on offline activities. Offline, sometimes called unplugged,is essential


iMake iLearn – Summer Learning

Coursera – Tinkering Fundamentals: A Constructionist Approach to STEM Learning Course Description:Tinkering activities provide a powerful way to inspire students’ interest, engagement, and understanding in science. The Tinkering Fundamentals course will help educators and enthusiasts develop a practice of tinkering and making. This course will focus on key design elements of high-quality, science-rich tinkering activities,