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Get to Know Your Community

Get to Know Your Community: Ania Figueroa

Get to Know Your Community: Ania Figueroa

Get to Know Your Community, introduces you to your fellow community members. Each week, we will interview a different Discovery Education community member. You’ll get to know who they are, what brings them joy, and they’ll play 20 questions in 60 seconds. Each participant will see how many questions they can answer in 60 seconds.


Let’s Meet And Tweet!

Members of the Discovery Education Community took over Buffalo Wild Wings in Pensacola, Florida last week to kick off a new Community event focused on connecting teachers, building relationships, and learning and sharing called Meet and Tweet.  More than 30 teachers from Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties attended this event, including both district superintendents! Teachers had


Oh, The Connections You’ll Make

     I’m David Fisher, a long-time Discovery Education Community member and newly hired Community Engagement Manager for Florida and Louisiana. My office, like yours I imagine, is adorned with lots of pictures of family and friends from many vacations, experiences, and life events.  Included in my collection of pictures are many from the seven