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  1. Documen-Tree

    Sorry for having avoided blogging for a time. We’ve been slowly updating our blog engine and I didn’t want to tempt fate until all the pieces were working properly. I’m going to hope enough of them are in place to share this contest with you. Once again, I know it’s short notice, but even if […]

  2. 10/10/10

    It’s probably too late for you to formally join this project but you might find a lot of inspiration in it for your classes. The One Day on Earth project is a great way to raise your students’ global awareness. They even have a page of resources specifically tailored for education. What could students learns […]

  3. Challenge Based Videos

    In this time of global connectedness and emphasis on not just digital citizenship, but responsible, global citizenship in general, Challenge Based Learning would seem to go hand in hand with challenge based living. And I can’t think of a better tool to express and share solutions to those challenges than digital storytelling. I believe it […]

  4. May Daze

    Here are a few things your students could get involved in to keep the energy up through the end of the school year. 11 days left for Jr. Hi students to enter the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge. Our past winners have some solid advice for putting together an entry video (or any video for that […]

  5. Jay Leno and Al Gore

    Sounds like the “Odd Couple,” doesn’t it? Well, I’m writing about Jay because he featured some student films done with Flip cameras the other night and one was done by a girl who graduated from a local high school here in the northwest burbs of Chicago. The students had to film and turn out a […]

  6. TeenDocs

    I just found out that the annual AFI/Discovery Channel SilverDocs Documentary Festival is accepting 13-19 year olds’ work. The entry has to be in by April 1st, under 10 minutes and posted on YouTube. TeenDocs will show the top three entries at the festival this June at the AFI SilverDocs Theatre (right down the street […]

  7. Ides of March 2010

      Nothing very sinister here. That’s just the deadline  in the latest round of BrainyFlix vocabulary videos contest. Winners split the $600 Grand Prize with their school and anybody (up to the first 900) who submits 3 videos gets an iTunes gift card. This is a great way to visualize vocabulary in any language as […]

  8. What's Your Issue?

    What’s Your Issue Foundation‘s mission “is to provide a unique national platform for young adults to propose creative solutions to some of our nation’s most important challenges and for that voice to be heard, honored, and acted upon by leaders in government, the media, the private sector, and the nonprofit world.” They’ve just opened the […]

  9. New Year, New Challenges

    The Great Minds Foundation is starting the year with its newest challenge to create a 2-5 minute video on something that “you’d like your peers to be more aware of (such as anti-smoking, anti-drugs, anti-violence, or random acts of kindness, etc.)” This is open to  high school and college students. You have until June 1st, […]

  10. Vote Now!

    The Department of Education’s “I am What I Learn” voting closes today (http://www.ed.gov/iamwhatilearn/index.html). Pick your three favorites from the ten finalists. Then, if you can find a little extra time, share your opinion of those student thoughts on the role of education in their lives in a comment below.

  11. Brainypics – Just 1 Week Left

    Just got this reminder from the good folks at BrainyPics: ***This Is Your Final Week to Submit Brainypics*** We’ll be picking the LAST 5 FINALISTS who will compete for our $200 Grand Prize and win themselves iTunes songs.  Ooooohhhhh~ We won’t be setting a special theme this week. Just make your Brainypics funny and memorable.  […]

  12. No Tricks, Maybe a Treat

    I just want to remind you all of the Department of Education’s invitation to have students (13 years and older) share the importance and relevance that their education has and will have in their lives. The deadline is Monday, November 2nd. Reposted from September 26th: I am what I Learn Apparently, that’s what the Department […]

  13. Brainy Visual Storytelling

    One of the contests that tickles this old linguistics guy’s fancy is the one a couple of MIT alumni run celebrating vocabulary words: Brainyflix and Brainypics. This time they are starting out with a Brainypics flashcard contest, in which students create interesting sentences and pair them up with memorable pictures as a visual cue.  Between […]

  14. I am what I Learn

    Apparently, that’s what the Department of Education thinks and would like to hear students’ thinking on that in a 2 minute video. And by student they mean “an active middle, secondary or college student 13 years or older.” I’m sure they set 13 as the starting point because of YouTube’s terms of service. If sharing […]

  15. 2008's Young Scientist

    The deadline for your 5th-8th science students to get their video application in for the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge is exactly 2 weeks away. In addition to the little pep talk from Will Smith on their main page, we’ve scheduled a webinar with ’08’s Young Scientist of the Year, Melissa Rey. You can get one […]

  16. Lights, Camera, Publish! '09

    Here are the links to the student video sites I mentioned during Tuesday’s webinar and a SlideShare version of the PowerPoint I used. Discovery Education and 3M’s Young Scientist Challenge: Air Pressure. The Flat Classroom Project’s Mobile Citizen Journalist. Brainy Flix’s ACT/SAT video vocabulary builders: Cadence. Great Minds Foundation Anti-smoking PSA. The Net Generation Video […]

  17. A Word is Worth…

    …a thousand pictures in the form of a good video illustrating what it means. Though I’m sorry if you might find yourself in a rather impecunious state or feel that your students are obstreperous and loquacious having just come back from spring break with only the end of the school year on their minds, I […]

  18. A word by any other name…

    …would still benefit from a visual representation that, of course, includes full context. I am marveling right now as I watch my two year old granddaughter acquire not only language but gestures. For example, when Hall Davidson was visiting just before Thanksgiving, she was chatting him up pretty good. I’m not sure any of us […]