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  1. Screen Test Student Fest ‘09

    A couple of years ago a young high school student in a nearby suburb wrote his village to say that a town like theirs should have a student film festival. The Village of Schaumburg agreed and Screen Test Student Fest was born. It has been a real pleasure to watch both the festival and the […]

  2. NetGen Webinar Links

    Here are the PowerPoint and the links from today’s webinar AND I just realized there are a number of entries already posted on the NetGen site. The American Film Institute’s ScreenNation. Student viewing and sharing site. Marco Torres’ students at SFETT. Great work from an L.A. high school. Frank Guttler’s Google Teacher Academy application video […]

  3. Application for the Discovery Adventures Trip Now Open!

    Copied from the DEN National Blog A virtual drum roll please… We are thrilled to officially open the application process for the Discovery Student Adventures Pilot Program. Join us as we discover more of our incredible planet earth together with adventure trips to Australia, South Africa, and China. In order to participate in this pilot […]

  4. Grown Up Digital

    As you can read over on the main DEN blog, “the Discovery Educator Network is participating in the next global collaborative project that Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay are creating!” You should head over there for all the details. Of course, what I have to add and want to focus on is a video challenge […]

  5. Inspiring Invention

    Tell Us What Inspires You Find Out How You Could Win More Than $22,000 in Prizes Invention starts with inspiration and that’s where great teachers play a part. Discovery Education is proud to partner with the Ad Council in support of their Inspiring Invention contest. Together with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the […]


     Middle School Students Can Enter for the Chance to Win $50,000 in U.S. Savings Bonds Do you know a middle school student who is eager to explore the wonders of science?  Discovery Education and 3M announce a call for entries in the 2009 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge (YSC), the nation’s premier science competition […]

  7. YSC Science Stars on TV

    It is hard to believe we are already starting another cycle of the Discovery Education and 3M sponsored Young Scientist Challenge but here it is. And what better way to get your students enthused than to watch last year’s finalists at NASA’s Goddard Space Center in a 2 hour special this Sunday on the Science […]

  8. Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

    Are you gearing up for Science Fair season?  We have two great ways to help you get your students excited. First, assign them some TV for homework. Ten of the greatest young minds in America will take center stage this month when the Science Channel premieres a 2-hour special covering the 2008 Discovery Education 3M […]

  9. A word by any other name…

    …would still benefit from a visual representation that, of course, includes full context. I am marveling right now as I watch my two year old granddaughter acquire not only language but gestures. For example, when Hall Davidson was visiting just before Thanksgiving, she was chatting him up pretty good. I’m not sure any of us […]

  10. Don’t Smoke!

    Don’t even start! Easy advice, right? It was easy for my two sisters, three brothers and I to follow. We watched dad cough and wheeze through two packs a day until he died of lung cancer before he reached 60. Those couple of sentences may have touched you but I doubt they would be any […]

  11. Boo!

    Here are the winners in the AFI ScreenNation Ghost Story Challenge. Not that you should fear the upcoming holidays… 1st place winner “Ribbon” uses dramatic shot angles and quick cuts to put a blasé big brother into a twilight zone of dead teens when he ignores his little sister’s pretty dolly. Great production values and […]

  12. Insomnia Postponed

    Looks like it’s time to settle in for a long winter’s nap. Due to “unexpected challenges” the Insomnia Film Festival has been put off until after the holidays. I know a number of schools were lined up for this, students rearranged work schedules, and teachers did all the paper work to be working with students […]

  13. PA DEN STAR Honored with Prestigious Teaching Award

    That’s right . . . The PA DEN is proud to share that our own Maryann Molishus has received the prestigious Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award.  Maryann is a 2nd grade teacher at Goodnoe Elementary School in the Council Rock School District (Newtown, PA). Here is a little more information about Maryann (copied from […]

  14. Nominate the DEN for an Open Web Award

    Come on, PA Discovery Educators, nominate the DEN for an Open Web award. Mashable is proud to present the second annual Open Web Awards. Open Web Awards is the only multilingual international online voting competition that covers major innovations in web technology. Through an online nominating and voting process, the Open Web Awards recognizes and […]

  15. 4 Thumbs Up!

    ScreenNation’s second challenge has announced its winners in the movie review and they are available for your viewing pleasure on the site. The first place winner is a high energy 1st person rant on Michael Moore’s “Slacker Uprising.” Normally, I’d be very critical of a continuous head-on shot, but this young man has such presence […]

  16. Get Some Rest!

    It’s baa-aack! The Insomnia Film Festival that is. 24 hours of cinema making bliss (or pandemonium). It’s fun. It’s quick. It’s exhausting. Assemble a team and come up with an original story and incorporate at least 3 elements from the super secret list that won’t be released until Nov. 15th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern. Then, […]

  17. One more time!

    OK, looks like there have been some “technical difficulties” with the AFI server. If you’ve already uploaded a film review, you might want to check to see if it actually made it onto the site. AND if you haven’t entered this most recent movie review challenge, you now have until October 20th to share your […]

  18. Challenge Extension

    The American Film Institute‘s ScreenNation has taken the Columbus Day weekend into account and extended the deadline for the most recent challenge to midnight PDT October, 15th. That gives you east coast people an extra three hours! All students have to do is review a movie in less than three minutes. The logic we have […]

  19. Young Scientist Challenge Finalists

    Last spring Discovery Education and 3M partnered to invite 5-8th grade students and science teachers of any age to throw their safety goggles into the ring for the titles of Young Scientist of the Year and DEN’s Science Teacher of the Year. The initial application was done by making a short video explaining one of […]

  20. DENliest Catch – DEN Challenge!

    Where do they come up with these challenge names?  Well, I love this one – The DENliest Catch!  Here are the details copied from the national blog.  Come on, PA, let’s help out “Captian” Monjan set sail with the Mid-Atlantic DEN! The DEN fleet has left the harbor and is looking for a bountiful fall […]

  21. AFI Movie Review Challenge

    Movie and book reviews are a great way for students to structure and share their opinons. Here’s a quick challenge for 13 to 18 year old any student (they removed the age restriction, but minors MUST have guardian’s permission) from the American Film Institute’s ScreenNation site – review a movie in three minutes or less […]

  22. Film Your Interest

    As the new school year gears up, I thought I’d take a few more looks at past festivals and contests that might give you ideas for projects with your students. Though this is only open to high school and college students, the FYI challenge would be a timely model for any age group in this […]