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  1. Fight Childhood Obesity with Energy Balance 101

    Discovery Education and the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) announced today an unprecedented, innovative alliance to help parents, educators, and children address the problem of childhood obesity. Energy Balance 101 is a web-based outreach campaign to encourage and promote physical activity and healthy eating, especially among children. The online campaigns address rising levels of childhood […]

  2. Happy Birthday, Abe!

    This is the 201st anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth and you’re probably celebrating it by anticipating Valentine’s Day with your students. Monday will be the official Presidents’ Day celebration with the usual day off or institute or something along those lines. “When I was a kid” in the middle of the last century, when there […]

  3. Well Intentioned Paperwork III

    We probably all associate a favorite quote to people we listen to and read. For better or worse. “Well intentioned paperwork” is my favorite from Jason Ohler. He uses it to describe most of our “traditional” assignments and assessments. I bring this up because I am beginning to teach my 9th section of Digital Storytelling […]

  4. 8 Tickets Left: Brace for Impact Screening 1/5/2010

    Like so many wonderful opportunities that come our way from Discovery, 8 tickets remain for the premiere screening of Brace for Impact.  If you would like to join us (a contingent from Allentown is attending), leave a comment on the DEN Blog and be sure to leave your email address.  Join Captain Chelsey B. Sullenberger […]

  5. Poetry in Motion

    I have always felt that one of the recurring gifts of teaching was hearing from or about former students who were successful (I even taught and coached with a few). I got a bit of that feeling Sunday morning when I was thumbing through the USA Weekend  insert in our Sunday paper and Spotted the […]

  6. Discovery Health = Oprah's OWN in 2011

    For most of the world, Oprah’s breaking news is just that, news indeed. But for those of us who know and love Discovery Communications, it just seems fitting that the world’s most respected woman is joining the Discovery Network. Oprah Winfrey Says Goodbye After 25 Years – Funny bloopers are a click away According to […]

  7. National Safe Schools Week

    Investigation Discovery and National PTA announced today a year-long partnership that will kick off during October’s National Safe Schools Week, which empowers communities to keep their schools safe by encouraging everyone to stand up against school violence.  As the organizations’ first joint campaign, ID and PTA will launch STAND UP FOR KIDS: NATIONAL SAFE SCHOOLS […]

  8. Congratulations to Florida DEN Leadership Council for 2009 -2010

    Lee Kolbert – Chair Debbie Young Bohanan – Blog Coordinator Melissa McBride – Events Coordinator (South) Tom Turner – Events Coordinator (North) Blog Team Tracie Belt Marie Coleman Michele Futch Cheryl Watford Cheryl Woolwine Events Team Dawn DeWitt Janet Hallstrom Trudi Lawless Ruth E. Manlandro Carol Papuga Cheryl Woolwine Four of the Florida, DEN Leadership […]

  9. Year Wrap-Up

    As another great year comes to a close, we have to share a few highlights of the great things we’ve done this past school-year. We’ve had some fantastic events including the OC CUE Techfest, Virtual Conference, the California Poppy Festival, and KOCE Day of Discovery. Best of all, we won an DENny award for the […]

  10. Telling Our Story

    Our own Scott Kinney testified before a House committee today. Here’s a cross-post from the DEN national blog. Today, the House Education and Labor Committee held a hearing to examine how technology, innovative education tools, and digital content are transforming and improving education in America. The DEN’s very own Scott Kinney, Vice President of Outreach […]

  11. Let's Make Every Day Earth Day!

    How many times can the newspaper you read today be recycled? How much can one compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) save in electricity costs over its lifetime? What single innovation is causing more people to recycle more products than ever? Which clean alternative energy source is created by landfills? How much energy can you save by […]

  12. Last Chance!

    No, not for your taxes – there are still over two weeks for that. Last chance to contribute a video to the Net Gen Education Challenge. “A crisis is emerging in our schools and universities. The Internet is a new medium for human communications, knowledge sharing and learning and a new generation of youth who […]

  13. Application for the Discovery Adventures Trip Now Open!

    Copied from the DEN National Blog A virtual drum roll please… We are thrilled to officially open the application process for the Discovery Student Adventures Pilot Program. Join us as we discover more of our incredible planet earth together with adventure trips to Australia, South Africa, and China. In order to participate in this pilot […]

  14. Taking Chance

    Flying up to Anchorage last Friday, I had plenty of time to flip through the Northwest Airlines magazine. I found myself drawn to the article on the fact based HBO movie “Taking Chance.” Northwest has a special interest in the program since so many of their employees’ actions and reactions to the Marine Corps officer […]

  15. O, the Stories You’ll Tell

    …if you and some of your students get to go on one of 8 amazing trips to the Arctic, Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador/Galapagos Islands, Italy/Greece, New Zealand/Fiji, or South Africa in 2010. And to prepare for that, in 2009 Discovery will be sending 9 DEN STARs to one of the 3 locations (Australia, China, […]

  16. O, the Stories You'll Tell

    …if you and some of your students get to go on one of 8 amazing trips to the Arctic, Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador/Galapagos Islands, Italy/Greece, New Zealand/Fiji, or South Africa in 2010. And to prepare for that, in 2009 Discovery will be sending 9 DEN STARs to one of the 3 locations (Australia, China, […]

  17. The Invention of Hugo Cabret – Invitation to a Collaborative Book Blog Project

    Cover of The Invention of Hugo Cabret PA Leadership Council member and 4th grade teacher, Erik Wittmer, is seeking elementary classes for a flat classrooms-style collaborative book blog project. Here are the details. Contact Erik if you are interested in having your class participate. I have been putting together a project that I am hoping […]